[Own Your Life] Make All Things NEW!

Dear Difference Maker,

Several years ago when I was working on my goals for the new year I was feeling pretty good about how things are lining up, when I realized that once again, I had not written one goal for my health or my physical comfort and well-being!

When, that’s what goal setting over the years has been all about for me!  Learning to own my life by revising old habits to now support myself first so I can do all the things I want to do.

I’ve had this backwards most of my life.  Talk about old habits being deeply ingrained!  It’s the start of year four to actualize a much revised vision of the future I have every intention of creating and yet, I’ve struggled to put my health and new practices for physical comfort first on my list as they must now be.  My husband encourages me to take care of myself but there is still FOMO calling my name!

Great insight, eh?  I’m happy to report that this year, I automatically started with my health goals first to make all things news with the help of God in me, as me, working through me to restore health and balance to every area of my life.

What I’ve learned this past year in particular is the power of leverage.  That doing everything myself is often times keeping people from stepping into utilizing their own gifts and talents.  I hope you enjoy today’s Blog about my journey to own my life more fully each and every year.

Reaching out …
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Make All Things NEW!

At the young age of 60 something, after years of not really resting into life unfolding more gently and simply for myself, I have realized that I feel like one of those old, battered cars you see in people’s driveways that have set out in all of the elements for many years, ignored and now rusty.

That’s how I’ve been feeling in my body the last several years: rusty!

Yet, my spirit is feeling like I want another run at this life.  One morning I received an insight about this being a year of getting myself shined up for the next chapter of my life and I’m really quite excited about learning new things about taking my self care to a level that will truly keep me shining and making the difference I feel driven to make (Yes this is a play on words I just had to run with – and there’s another one 😉 )


So this the work at hand for me!  Restoration is the theme I’ve landed on for this year.

What’s your theme for this year going to be?

So let’s begin again and start Making All Things New by drinking in the wisdom of John Randolph Price’s Living a Life of Joy


Begin where you are in consciousness and give thanks for all the good in your life. Everyone has something to be grateful for.

Don’t look at what needs correcting; focus on what’s ‘right’ at the present moment and find a level of deep contentment.

Once you’ve done this you can move to the next step, which is a gentle adding to your joy quotient, your measure of happiness.

Let it be an easy transition, no urgency to make things happen and notice the unplanned surprise and good fortune that appears in your life.

In focusing in on what’s right in this present moment I realize quickly that I’ve gathered and practiced a lot of good wisdom I’ve learned in this life so far about synergistic relationships while learning to flex my spiritual muscle, but the cost has been that what I willfully override (ignored) the one constant nudge – rather pull – inside of me and that was to simplify and stop myself from over doing.

I’ve always felt like a race horse in the starting gate raring to get going with the race.  My predominant Color Personality Style (Green) is all about looking ahead to the future and getting on my way as fast as I can.

Clearly, I’ve known for a long time that I’ve needed to dial it down and bring back in more of my Yellow and just keep it light and be in the flow of this creative life.

My goals for the coming year include, letting regeneration be easy and gentle

It’s not about making myself wrong for having racing in my blood or my personality style because that’s how I’m wired.  It’s what I came to do.  Purpose and meaning are our life’s blood and what I’ve been examining this past year is how this all translates into doing everything I still want to do, love to do and take care of me.

I have been so blessed since my business, as I’ve known it, has taken it’s own hiatus and thanks to God, who works through my husband bringing him his own divine downloads, I have been afforded this time to do reorganize myself, my life and my business and yet, I’ve struggled my way through it because I, like so many people today, wanted to be “there” yesterday!

Dating back to when I divorced my first husband and being a single mother with a one year old, I have long since become accustomed to self-reliance.

Since the 2008 economic shift every day has been an act of trust that has felt more like a leap and the net will appear, than simply taking a step toward a new way of doing things.

Back in 2014 when new ideas for my business restoration, reinvention, renovation, reorganization for expansion started coming in for us to add companion restorative health products to our offerings at Heart Publishing, instead of being excited to get out of the gate I felt more like this…

than a horse positioned, prepared, focused and ready to get out of the gate …

to run a good race …

And isn’t this what most of us want to do, in our heart of hearts?  To be well able to show up for our lives positioned, prepared, focused and ready for opportunities that will come our way?

Out of the many thoughts that have popped into my mind over the past several years, it has occurred to me, from time to time, that my time for the dreams I’ve been believing in, has passed.

On December 4th, our 27th wedding anniversary, I opened my Joel and Victoria Osteen’s Daily Word to this:

He goes on to say …

Oftentimes, people set out to accomplish their dreams, but they face a setback or disappointment, and then they feel like their time has passed.  But let me tell you today, no matter where you’ve come from, no matter what’s happened in your past, God wants to make you new.  He wants to give you a “do over,” a fresh start.

If you feel like you’ve missed opportunities in your life, if you feel like your time has passed, remember today is a new day.  You are a new person, and God has new opportunities in store for you.

It may not be that your dream has died, it may be that your dream is being re-birthed, expanded up on and you are right on schedule for a healthier way to live and enJOY that dream.

Part of my expansion and growth is about coming out of the closet so to speak and to go ahead and write about what I know makes a difference in mind, body and spirit!  It is my sincerest hope that you will come along for the ride this year and together, let’s see where it takes us to really own our lives!


Own Your Life …

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