Christmas Dream’n


Thinking of you at this time of year  …

As a little girl I would sit for hours in front of our family Christmas tree and dream my dreams of what my grown up life would one day be.  I hope you enjoy this sweet, sweet movie about my sentiments … reminding us all of the importance of dreaming our Dreams.

The Christmas Season is officially here: Childhood memories, wishes, hopes and dreams. Believing in the miracle of Christmas and the Joy of Christmas. Giving way to our desires and wishes that our dreams will be.

Christmas brings with it wonderful spiritual rituals that renew and spark that wonderful feeling of believing in our most cherished dreams. At this time of year, no matter what faith you practice, it seems that there is an increased desire for the abundance of all good things for every single person in the world. Caring about people everywhere is a most worthy intention, desire and feeling.


Reaching out …

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