FocusFusion Cocoa Gave Me Back My Daughter!

Aug 26, 2019 | FocusFusion Cocoa, News, Product Testimonials 

FocusFusion Cocoa Gave Me Back My Daughter!

A happy note from Jen B.,

Does your child struggle with ADHD?

Mine did, and it was one of the hardest things I have ever dealt with. You are not alone.

She has struggled since she started school. She failed her kindergarten entrance exam, struggled to keep up in class, failed assignments and began to hate school. She spent her nights in tears and I was exhausted, and lost and didn’t know what to do.

Let’s start her on medication they said. Let’s start the IEP process they said. It was supposed to get better. With every dosage increase I lost a little bit of her. It started with her appetite, then her personality, then her energy. Each IEP meeting indicated more accommodations and little to no progress was being made.


We made a change. We tried something different. Did we know of it would help? We thought it might but not to the level in which it has.

Since we started something new….

  • She is 100% medication free
  • She is thriving socially
  • She in longer failing and is now a straight A student!
  • She has a job
  • She is driving

I am so proud of who my daughter has become! She is so vibrant, funny, caring, fun!

No more sleeping, no more wasted lunches or just being withdrawn. If I would have kept her on the meds I would not know this young women existed!

I Love you Isabelle and I am so excited about what is next for you.

There are REAL solutions that don’t require a RX, your child doesn’t have to suffer and neither do you!” ~Jen B.

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