Personality Tests

Color Personality Styles Profiles

When you order PSP Access Codes in any category, you can have this FREE Team SYNERGY Builder Dashboard to:

  • Keep track of every Access Code and
  • See and Sort every test taken
    • by type of test taken
    • by Color scores
    • by name of person who took it
    • by GROUP, which you can create in an infinite variety of ways to organize and select your reports.

You can generate the PDF Report for every test taken with your Access Codes with one click.

You can also CONTROL who gets the email after each test is taken: You, the person taking the test, or both of you.

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  • Get a Report (color pdf for printing out) with content customized to explain your Personality Type and Secondary Type, if you have one (18 to 40+ Pages, depending on the test are and your test results.)
  • Learn so much more about what’s GREAT about you: your Strengths, Intellect, Motto, Problematic Areas and interesting Quirks!
  • Learn how important your Secondary Color Style – your Color Combo – is to your being taken seriously.
  • Learn how to best establish credibility with each of the other Color Styles to start getting more of what you want in your relationships and less of what you don’t want.
  • Take the Personality Style Profile assessments in any one, or all, of the 7 Life Areas.
  • Get the “Team Synergizer” Report Dashboard giving you full information on every member of your team!

Find out Your Predominant Color Style