[Own Your Life] Are You Like a Dog with a Bone?

Dear Difference Maker,

Since I can remember, I have always been about finding quick fix solutions to seemingly impossible situations as soon as possible.

I’ve been noticing that I’ve been telling my very own dog-with-a-bone experiences a lot recently.

I’m happy to share my story in an effort to explain the unexpected benefits a relatively new tool has been producing in my life and relationships since my husband and I have added it to our morning routines.

I hope today’s blog gives much needed r-e-l-i-e-f those who may have a personality style similar to mine to now be able to dial-down just how much they care about things and just how out of focus that leaves them.  Caring is necessary in relationships and caring in excess is not necessarily productive.

My new year’s wish for you is that you own your life on every level.  That you take real time action to grab ahold of, and consistently use, tools that help you live, work and love in ways that are so very much better for everyone involved.

Reaching out …
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Are You Like a Dog with a Bone with Emotional Upsets?

We all know better than to come near a dog with a fresh bone!  The thing about fresh emotional upsets – whether real or imagined – is that we can be just like this dog.

We can take a hold of any situation and nurse it, curse it and rehearse it until the cows come home (I’m a farm girl from NE) but until we figure out a new way to handle old worn-out repeat situations that happen in our lives, it will most likely be difficult to find PEACE!

Because my Color Personality Style tends to lean toward a Color Combo of Socially Conscious, Beneficial Blue + Systematized, Zoned-In Green, I have a history of grabbing on to things and not letting go easily or quickly!

This happens most often when I observe people in my life knowingly do things that cause harm to themselves or others.  When these things occur, depending on how it strikes me, I can end up letting them pitch a tent in my mind and not pay rent!

I’ve done a lot of personal work on myself over the years with my Color Styles research, understanding and program development so I have been able to dial-down my dog-with-a-bone upsets considerably from having something bother and upset me for up to several weeks, down to days, down to hours.

So I’ve come a long way … and then I started drinking a new coffee. Within the first month of drinking Energy+Focus Coffee I unexpectedly became very aware that I was letting things go much more quickly than I had ever been able to before.  When I say quickly, I’m talking about within seconds sometimes!

Now, with Energy+Focus Coffee at the start of very morning I went from this ...

To this…

To this…

Give it a try.  You just never know how simple a solution you seek can be if you don’t try new things!  Just sayin’ … give the people in your life the gift of your peaceful mind. Make it a great week!

maryrr insight

Your mind is a powerful creative mechanism and it’s only desire is to create.  It is stimulated by reaching to learn new things.  It loves seeking solutions to problems. So breathe, relax, let go and let it do it’s thing …



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Are you an emotional eater or over eat for energy?  Here’s help …


For a quick pick-me-up – yet emotionally calming coffee – that doesn’t let you down. Unlike other coffees Energy+Mind Coffee infuses a potent blend of green tea, gotu kola and bacopa monnieri herbal extracts into their coffee to provide maximum health benefits. 

Click here to experience a positive difference in your life.

Changing Lives, One Cup at a Time …  I love sharing other people’s health improvement experiences because they give me confidence to, at the very least, give a health product – that’s easy to enjoy – a try!  Here are just a few of the many coming in daily that apply directly to improvements in energy and focus related experiences …

Mother of four manages her way through ADHD and off prescription medication with our herbally infused coffee and cocoa.

Jece Gordon“I am currently 34, and I have struggled with ADHD my entire life. I have been on medications (Ritalin) since early middle school, as an adult I was put on Vyvanse for my ADHD. However, I did not want to be on medication.

I felt that a life without medication was never an option for me. I have been drinking Energy + Mind Coffee in the mornings and the FocusFusion Cocoa in the evenings, and at this time I am OFF of my ADHD medication completely and I am still functioning at full capacity. You do not understand how this has changed my life!!

Being a mother, it also worried me that one if not all four of my children might suffer from ADHD as well. With these products, now they do not need to be medicated!! They have a different chance, a different option than I ever did. Thank-you for everything!!” ~Jessi W.

It’s an honor to know that Energy+Mind helps servicemen like Marine Drill Instructor Jimmy remain laser focused and energized without the crash of sugary energy drinks.

“After spending 54 hours walking and supervising the training of our nation’s newest Marines only drinking Energy+Mind, I could not of felt better and more excited. It gave me the focus and energy I wanted without the crap of energy drinks.

marineAs most of you know, I had to see a cardiologist for overdoing energy drinks. Energy+Mind Coffee gave more without a negative crash from too much sugar.

Now it’s January and I sit on our final Sunday as a Drill Instructor, we share some coffee and are in the best moods we have been in, in the last three years! I have never felt so great!” ~Jimmy

Energy+Mind Coffee helps keep this officer on his toes and looking trim…

“As a Law Enforcement Officer, I work 12-hour shifts, sometimes 5-6 times a week, because we are a small department, understaffed. Energy+Mind keeps me sharp and on my toes without jitters and the highs and lows of energy drinks.

officerThis combined with my daily cup of Burn+Control has helped me go from a size 44 pants to a 38 in 2 months of drinking this herbally infused coffee.

I was raised to not drink coffee, man was I missing out.

So glad my friends didn’t prejudge me and offered me this opportunity!” –Joe S.

It’s so important to stay well over so you can start the New Year out able to put your best foot forward….

“Hi everyone, just needed to let you all know this. I have been suffering from a terrible virus for the last 3 1/2 weeks now, which includes waking up each day with a massive headache. Thought it was a sinus infection, but no….. Doc said Virus (don’t you hate that word) The only way for me to function was to relieve the massive pain in my head, so force of habit I reached for the Panadeine to relieve it. Took well over an hour for the Panadeine to take effect and really only took the edge off it. My body does not like Codeine, makes me feel sick and binds me up. YUK!

seasonal-affective-disorderEventually after 3 weeks of this I decided Enough!! I would ride out the day pain and all because I did not want to take any more pain killers. I started my day with my usual breakfast and I had an Energy+Mind Coffee which I would normally have around morning tea time. Well I could not believe it, how stupid did I feel when within 10 mins of having my coffee my headache was completely gone. OMG…I know that this coffee has helped people suffering with migraines and yet I did not even think of it when I reached for the usual pain killers, old habits die hard. Not sure how much longer this Virus is going to invade my body but at least now I am pain free Naturally. I love this coffee. Needed to share.” -Tana

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