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This time of year is not wonderful for all people and I think it is so important to keep our eyes open to those who may be suffering in silence, or in overt actions that scream for the soothing balm of kindness and understanding.  I also firmly believe that this heightened awareness goes to waste if we don’t carry an intention to be just as mindful throughout the coming year.

It seems that it is at this time of year we become a little more expectant and maybe even more open-minded to those things that may be interpreted as mystical when it comes to scary situations in our lives.

For me, I have currently taped all of the new Hallmark Christmas Movies and have plans to have my annual evening movie marathon in my easy chair with my knitting over the next week!

Sure, I’ve had friends and family make fun of me for watching these movies – considering them sappy and too touchy freely for them – but little by little I’ve noticed that they too are starting to share how much they love a movie or two that they just “happened” on when channel surfing for something interesting to relax into.

Having been a single mother at one time with insurmountable financial issues popping up all over the place, one of my favorites from last year’s line up was The Christmas Secret. Schedule it on your DVR … it has many challenges, interesting twists and turns and amazing ending!

In addition to getting this movie on your “must watch” list, I also wanted to share a true story which I think you will love.

Every time I read this story I get goosebumps because it reminds me that no matter what, we are never truly alone and there is always the possibility of help and comfort just around the next corner if we will just remain open to it.

It is my most sincere hope that today’s stories will infuse you with the hope of the season and a reignited belief in the sparkling possibilities of Coincidence, Synchronicity and Serendipity.  

May you find Comfort & Joy in whatever the holiday celebration – Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Three King’s Day – speaks to your Soul.

Reaching out …

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Some Guests Leave No Name, Just a Memory
Excerpt from Gifts by the Side of the Road by John Wayne “Jack” Schlatter

This story involves a dedicated teacher, a visitor, and a movie. She stands 5 feet, 4 inches tall, but when it comes to inspiring students, filling a classroom with joy and confidence, motivating children, and helping fellow staff members to reach beyond their grasp, Paula Worsham is a tall tower of talent (or a GIANT).

While revealing to students their potential to reach for the stars, she has always had her feet planted firmly on the ground.

Her relationship with her God has been too personal to ever be hampered by the dogma of any particular religion. Although tremendously spiritual, she doesn’t have a superstitious bone in her body.

Now that you have met my friend, Paula Worsham, you will all the more appreciate the gift she gave me on January 30, 1994.

We met in a neighborhood restaurant to discuss the grades her students had earned during the time I had been her substitute. My presence in her classroom for a month had been necessitated by her need to have a doctor-advised operation.

While we talked, I was amazed how someone who had just had serious surgery could seem so excitedly alive and yet so peacefully centered.

I had loaned her a copy of my favorite movie of 1993, Heart and Souls, an uplifting story of four guardian angels.


“So, did you love it?” I asked.

“Oh yes,” she replied, “especially after meeting my new friend.

“Your new friend?” I queried.

“Well, I’ll try to tell you about it,” she said, as her eyes started to fill with tears.

I leaned forward in concentrated and shocked amazement. Her experience in working with juvenile delinquents and her mid-western culture had made Paula one tough lady, so ‘tears’ were something that I had only seen once before during our 20 years of friendship.

She then proceeded to give me an ‘experience’ wrapped gift, and I pass it on to you.

When she awoke in the recovery room, a nurse with the most radiant and warmest smile she had ever seen greeted her. “No matter what they tell you,” the nurse said, “don’t you worry.”

In her peppy way, Paula smiled and sleepily replied, “OK,” and drifted back to sleep.

The next morning, she was visited by her doctor, who told her the operation was a success, but they had discovered something they didn’t like and would have to run some tests to make sure it wasn’t cancer.

After he left, she lay there filled with anxiety.

She didn’t fear death, but she worried about her husband and her family and also her students, with whom she was enjoying such a great and productive year. “Oh, not now,” she prayed, “not when I have so much to do.”

But then, the face of that nurse appeared in her consciousness and she again heard the words, “Don’t you worry.” She felt at ease and comforted.

The next day, after the tests, she was returned to her room. Judy, her favorite nurse, came in and asked if there was anything she could do for Paula.

“Yes, I’d really like some orange juice.”

“Right away,” said Judy as she left the room.

Paula lay there with countless conflicting thoughts rushing through her mind. She looked over toward the door and there stood the nurse she had seen in the recovery room.

“Oh, hi!” said Paula.

“I just came by to tell you you’re perfectly fine, and you will have time to make all your dreams come true.”

“Thank you,” Paula said. “Can you come in and visit while I wait for my test results?”

“No, they won’t let me,” replied the nurse. “I’m needed elsewhere. Much happiness to you.”

Upon saying that, the nurse walked away.

A few seconds later, Judy walked in with the orange juice.

“Judy, who is that nurse? What’s her name? She sure knows how to remove worry,” Paula asked.

“What nurse?” asked Judy.

“Why, you must have seen her. She just left.”

“Paula, I just came down the hallway. If anyone had left your room, I would have seen her.”

Just then, Paula’s husband, Paul, came in with flowers and a big smile. “I just heard everything’s perfect,” he said.

“Who told you, Paul?” asked Paula.

“Why, a nurse who greeted me as I got off the elevator. She must have seen me here yesterday because she knew I was your husband and she told me all was well.

“What did she look like, Paul?”

Paul then described the nurse who had just left the room.

“We don’t have any nurse working on this floor who fits that description,” Judy said.

Paula put her head back on the pillow and started laughing as Paul and Judy looked at each other in total confusion.

Needless to say, all the tests came back and ‘there was nothing to worry about.’

Paula and Paul went on to enjoy their new house, and Paula continued to be a blessing to her students right up to June 2000 when she finally retired.

I leave to you, my unseen friends, to draw your own conclusions as to who Paula’s mysterious visitor really was.

All I can tell you is that, as you read my description of her, you’ll know why I believe everything happened just as she said.

Was the nurse a special aide in the hospital who had privileged information or was she ‘something else’? One thing we can know for sure, Paula was visited by kindness, a kindness only the ‘kind’ can understand, either by someone else or…you decide.

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… at this special time of year. Take a moment to embrace the miracle of Christmas.

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Hope & Miracles Come Many Ways, Shapes & Forms

There is a saying that if you need a miracle you need to put feet to your faith first. The following success story that I feel compelled to share with you today is about how a young woman, Crystal C, put her feet to her faith by trying something new.

She took drinking herbally infused FocusFusion Cocoa and made it a family affair. And given the incredible benefits this first-time mother and her brother have had since adding it to their morning rituals three months ago, there’s no way they’ll go another day without it.

Hope is a very powerful thing…

“So my testimony for is not just about me, but also my little brother because he and I both suffer from HDHD.

All my life, my brother and I have driven our parents CRAZY with the all the running in the house because we couldn’t stay “caged in” and we NEEDED OUT, need to burn off the hype. So my mom finally decided that she would take us to the doctor. After several tests, we were told we needed to be put on medication for our hyperactive behavior. I was 11 and my brother was 7.

After years and years of taking the medication, I was getting better but I was also a zombie. As for my brother, no one understood why he was not passing school, was angry and just what most would call out of control. When I was 17 and he was 13, he was diagnosed with a mental disability and intermediate explosive disorder as well as the HDHD.

For almost 8 years, I was on medication. When I turned 18 (I’m 21 now) I stopped. I didn’t want to take it anymore. So I spent many days all over the place with my mind and couldn’t sleep. My husband suffered many nights and days of trying to get me to just sit down and focus. I WAS A MESS!!

So a few months ago, I started drinking the FocusFusion Cocoa. NOW not only do I sleep normal, BUT I’m not a huge mess, and I can actually stay focused on the task at hand!! Being a mom to a 10-month-old, I NEED to focus on one thing at a time, so this has been a huge blessing because I’ve been able I get stuff done that needs to be done for my little man. And I know I’ve said this before, but Javita’s herbally infused cocoa truly does add onto my SuperMom status!!

NOW for a even BETTER side to the story, MY BROTHERS results from the FocusFusion Cocoa. From the time he was 13, the schools were told to just pass him through and don’t hold him back because he’s not capable of even passing anything beyond 4th grade.

So remember, I said he started cocoa drinking a couple months ago? Well, my brother wouldn’t just drink the cocoa straight, because for him it was not “wild enough.” He needed something more, SO I asked my mentor for a recipe and now after some creative additions my brother drinks a Cocoa Bananas Blizzard and he LOVES it.

In these last two months not only has his medication been lowered, but teachers have asked his parents what’s going on, what happened to him?! AND the best part, he’s actually going to graduate with credit to go to a trade school or college.

I think my favorite part of it is this; he was 18 and reading at a 2nd grade level, but since adding the the cocoa he is reading at a 5th grade level.  Although he still can’t take the driving test yet, I can just see it in his near future with the amazing progress he’s made!!

This cocoa is a miracle cocoa for this family!! And I’m so glad I was able to share with my brother because now he’s actually able to be a part of his nephew’s life and that was a big concern of mine was that he wouldn’t ever be able to be there for my son! THANK YOU JAVITA FOR CARING SO MUCH ABOUT PEOPLE TO GIVE THEM DRINKS FOR SUCCESS!” ~Crystal C.

Is today the day you really grab a hold of your life and own it!?

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