Healing Today’s Children & Ourselves Webinar

The healing begins here.

This will not be your typical behavior modification program about ADD/ADHD or any of the other trending diagnoses:  SPECIAL NEEDS, OCD, SPD, ODD, SED, ASP, Dyslexia, APD, HSP …

Having successfully worked with 1000s of other people’s children (55-65% at-risk populations in my classrooms – achieving an average of 2.5-3 years of growth on Stanford Achievement Test results with what I did with them with no medication) I know what will help you begin to heal what’s been going on.

I will show you how you can not only get immediate relief for your child (yourself and your family) but you will – at the end of our hour together – be able to make an informed decision about as to whether or not to take what I can teach you the rest of the way with a program I developed so that you can learn how to turn beautiful moments of progress into self-sustaining, long-term enJOYable parenting.


Free TeleSeminar/Webinar to be announced
[for Administrators, Teachers, Parents & Grandparents]