Healy Frequency Therapy for your Body, Mind & Spirit

Self Care is the NEW Health Care

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Healy Frequency Therapy for your Body, Mind & Spirit

Best investment for health and pain is the RESONANCE ($1413) is the one that will SCAN your body for optimal healing energy and then give you that day’s regimen / recipe for the  top 5 scoring programs your body indicates that you can then run for that day.  Run 1 or all as your day allows.  

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Watch the whole thing or fast forward to approximately 8:46 mark and listen especially from that point with what happens to the body when a person’s frequency drops.
” A normal person has a frequency of 62-72 megahertz; when the body drops below this frequency, we begin to get into illness and disease states, for example, if our frequency drops to 58 megahertz, then we are likely to get a cold or flu, if our frequency drops to below 42 megahertz, we become susceptible to cancer in the body; the lower the frequency, the lower we are to illness or death.
Healy frequencies are designed to support your body, health and well-being. “

Maintaining the optimum frequency for all our cells helps maintain our health. – That is what Healy does.

Healy is a one of kind device with the optional capability to scan your body to determine which frequency program is right for you.  No other frequency device can do this.