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Dear Difference Maker,

The issue in owning your life is really about leaning into what you really think and feel, and refraining from dismissing and/or minimizing those gut and heart feelings.

It has been said that prayer is you talking to God, and intuition is God talking to you.  Telepathy is synonymous with intuition, in that it’s subatomic inter-connectedness.


I’ve been writing and speaking for over 25 years about the thinking technology people must be willing to learn in order to heal their minds, bodies and spirits.

As we learn to interpret this level of energetic communication coming in, we begin to understand why we feel what we feel and know what we know, at times when it doesn’t seem logical.

In learning not to fear energetic communication, you get to embrace it and begin to participate with it from an empowered place that says, “I can and will affect this situation powerfully through deciding differently and making a decision into be a peaceful presence.”

Energetic communication begins in our minds, flows to our bodies and is directed by our heart as we learn to listen to its cellular wisdom.

Today’s blog will explain exactly what’s been happening, and how you can and must take ownership of it, to get more of what you want and less of what you don’t want!

Reaching out …
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Affecting Your World in An Instant!
Excerpt from Connecting With Colors: Synergize Your Life Course 

The Body Electric and Magnetic

Discover magazine featured an article which included a series of brightly colored electronic photographs showing the illuminated flow of electrical activity throughout the entire system of nerves and blood vessels in the human body.

Think about it:  if the heart stops, modern medical practice is to apply an electric jolt to get it started again.  The brain uses electricity to issue its commands from neuron to neuron.

When these signals reach a muscle, they set up a wave of electricity throughout the muscle.

Each cell of the body has a positive and negative charge, so there is constant polarity.

Each cell has a magnetic component.  Which means the body is not only electric, it’s magnetic.  In essence, we are moving electromagnetic fields of living energy.

The human mind and body creates a magnetic field, a measurable field arising from electric charges in motion.  Every cell in the body has it’s own intelligence.  It knows exactly what to do in any given situation or environment.

There is even evidence that, at the sub-atomic level, each quantum particle/wave has an “intelligence” of its own!  At the organic level of our bodies, embryonic cells “know” how to grow into higher forms of complex and distinctive systems.

Each of these systems is responsive, in varying ways, to the electromagnetic energy generator of our minds.

Because the body is electrical, and each cell in the body has a positive and negative charge, we are magnetically charged in accordance with what our thoughts vibrate and transmit.

Being electromagnetic sets up certain conditions for how we relate, respond and receive experiences in our physical world.  And as we’ve come to understand from quantum field theory, this means that whatever we send out comes back again.

This tells us we get to be right about whatever we are holding in mind for as long as we choose to be right about it!

The nervous system in the human body. Electrical signals race along these channels, carrying orders and information to and from the brain

Thoughts magnetize an energy field around us.  As an illustration, if you put metal filings on a piece of paper and put a magnet underneath it, the filings will form a pattern in accordance to the magnet.

The filings have no will of their own.  And so it is with the substance of our lives.  Electrons conform to the consciousness of the experimenter.  Matter must obey consciousness, it always has, it is right now, and it always will.

So there are three things we can infer from what we know about electromagnetic energy of the body, coupled with the implications of scientific experimentation in the field of quantum physics;

1) electrons are constantly reading their environment,
2) thoughts are constantly directing electrons,
3) thoughts magnetize an energy field around us.

An analogy that illustrates this best is to imagine that the energy flow from you is like a signal or wave-length being transmitted from a radio or television station.

Each of us emits very precise vibrational signals based on what we believe and think. Everyone and everything in our environment have the capacity to pick up certain aspects of these signals.

However, only those who are tuned in on the same wavelength can respond to them, as only those radios and television sets that are turned on and tuned in to a particular station will pick it up.

Have you ever  randomly started flipping through the channels on your TV remote control, when something suddenly made you stop and watch?

You were in tune, or in alignment, with what was being shown or said, and that’s why you wanted to stop and watch.  Or the opposite can happen, and you can be in so much resistance to the information being presented that you turn to another channel immediately.


When you get deliberate in guiding your intentions, let’s say from an existing situation of “lack and impending bankruptcy” to “plenty coming in,” you are literally tuning in to another channel.  We always have the option to “know” that another station does, in fact, exist.  We are deliberately deciding to change channels.

There happens to be significant power when two or more minds can come together in agreement, deciding to tune in to more pleasurable, life enhancing frequencies and mental images of prosperity, money, happy relationships, healthy lean bodies, fulfilling and fun work. This opens up infinite possibilities immediately.

When we’ve been existing within a frequency of fear, lack and limitation, we must simply stop ourselves and interrupt habitual thinking with, “How do I prefer it to be?” or, “There’s got to be a better way.”  And there is!

You ask the people you live, work and play with to simply support you by helping you to either: 1) help you decide differently about this false evidence appearing real, or 2) look around your world with the intention of finding someone who has what you want and then to tune into their channel.  In doing this, you acquire a mental equivalent of another field of probabilities different from the one you’ve been existing in.

Is today the day you really grab hold of your life and own it!?

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