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Dear Difference Maker,

As you know, Attitudinal Energy i.e., bias, disapproval, disappointment, limitation, judgment, skepticism, condemnation, superiority, fear, martyr, victim mindset (just to name a few that are the opposite of agape love, acceptance, acknowledgment, unconditional regard) can be seen, felt and heard!  How does it happen for you?

Do you see it … hear it … or feel it?

This is an indicator as to whether you are a predominantly a visual, auditory or kinesthetic learner.

How often do you feel drained after you’ve been with a person who is complaining or negative about things?  I’m excited to share with you in the weeks ahead that you can be in a field of negativity and no longer need to be drained by it.  Let’s start at the beginning…

Today’s message is about how YOU CAN influence P-E-A-C-E and how every one relates to Attitudinal Energy one way or another so let’s get to it!

In last week’s blog we came to an understanding that the human body is electromagnetic and, when combined with some insight into quantum physics, this knowledge will help you to see how energy affects us, and how we continuously affect our world, our reality and our connections with other people.

It also helps you understand that you are not crazy, because it is likely that you’ve been aware for some time now that you know things before you think you should know them.  Most importantly, we can understand at long last that we all have the capacity to connect with anyone anywhere in time and space, and therefore bring any desire into form.

There are many experiments that observe that the mind or consciousness is not restricted to our bodies nor is it restricted to any kind of locality.

Reaching out …
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You Have Within You the Power to Influence Worlds
Excerpt from Connecting with Colors: Synergize Your Life Self-Paced Course 

In my live presentations, I use “Muscle Testing,” which is also known as a form of Applied Kinesiology called Context Reflex Analysis (CRA) to prove that our bodies “read” energy in our environment.  I demonstrate the immediate effect our attitudes have on other people — whether they are secret and underlying or right out there, loud and clear.

First I explain that the body is electromagnetic, and that every cell in the body has a positive and negative charge.  Because of this, the mindbody energy can be tested, and the body can give me yes/no answers, through the utilization of the strength of resistance in the muscles of the person’s arm, as a way of testing the body’s reaction to various forms of energy.

Then I ask for a volunteer to come up from the audience.  I ask them for their permission, giving them a brief explanation of what I am going to have them do.  I also inform them that they will be receiving both positive and negative energy.

When they have given me their permission, I explain how I use the participant’s arm to test and to get a yes and a no answer.  When volunteers have a good reaction, feeling, or sense about something they are thinking about, or when some energy is affecting them from the outside in a positive way, the muscles in the arm are strong.  When the opposite happens, with bad feelings or negative external energy, the muscles are weak.

I explain that I will have the volunteer hold her arm up, straight and out to the side, in order for me to try to push it down.  I push down on the arm to test for a “yes” or a “no.”  Strong is yes, weak is no.  I will hold various substances in a plastic zip- lock bag close against the midsection of the volunteer’s body.

If the electrical impulses within the intelligence of her body are in agreement or harmony with what I am placing in their energy field, her arm will remain firm, and I will not be able to push it down, no matter how much force I try to use.

If  the energetic intelligence in her body does not like or agree with the energy source I am bringing into her energy field, her arm will go down easily when I push down on it to test it.

Firm and outright is, “Yes, this is good.”  Down and limp is, “No, not good.”

To review what you watched on the video:  The first thing I do in a live presentation is take refined sugar in a baggie, hold it right next to the volunteer’s mid-section and ask the body again, if this would be good for it.  The arm in most cases goes down.  Most people believe that pure sugar isn’t really good for you, right?

The next thing I do is tell the audience that I want them to send an attitude to the person I’m testing.  Without the person being able to see or hear what I am doing from that moment forward, I signal the audience that I want them to think negative thoughts and project their negative attention toward the person I am testing.  After a few moments of negative attitudes being sent, I push down on the volunteer’s arm.

Every single time I have done this, the person’s arm is lifeless, limp.  They can’t even will themselves to keep it up.  That’s how dramatic and instantaneous a negative attitude is on the person you are having a problem with.  Whether you mean to or not, you are sending your attitude, and they are responding to it energetically.

Next, I signal the audience to send the person I’m testing some LOVE.  Within a few moments, their arm becomes stronger and stronger until I literally cannot push it down.  Which explains why we never have problems with the people we love or like or have great appreciation for.  There’s no push or pull.

The energy of LOVE instantly transforms and heals the human body, mind and soul.  Yet, it is usually the very thing that we withhold when we are angry or upset with someone, which gets us a reaction that fuels an already existing problem into higher degrees of difficulty.  Right?

We literally put ourselves between a rock and a hard spot with our attitudes, which come in the forms of hurt, resentment, condemnation, judgment, rationalization, defensiveness and on and on.  And as you know, nothing changes in these difficult relationships until you have a softening of the heart.  Once a softening, an understanding or forgiveness occurs in one of you, the entire relationship can realign and get back on track, or on a new track.

Next, I ask the volunteer to close her eyes and keep them closed until the end of the illustration.  Now, with the volunteer’s eyes closed, I hold an orange in a plastic bag against the midsection of their body.  This puts the orange, which has its own particular energy, in the energy field of the person’s body.  The body reads the energy of the orange.

I test to see whether or not the orange would be good for their body to have.  The body always knows what is good for it and what is not, energetically.  I picked an orange for this experiment because it is one food that is generally good for everyone.  I ask the person holding the orange to let us know, by the answer of yes or no coming through their arm, if this thing that they are holding is good for the body.  The body knows.  We are working with the energy.

In almost every case using an orange, when I push down, the arm stays firm, no matter how hard I push down.  One notable exception was when I had tested a diabetic person.  I couldn’t figure out what was wrong, until someone in the audience whispered the information to me.  She would have been out of balance with her insulin had she eaten the orange!  The experiment had not “failed,” but rather had proven itself correct!

But we are not done yet.  Remember the sugar?

Now this is going to astound you!  I bring back the sugar in the baggie and place it back in the test person’s energy field.  I silently signal the audience that I want them to send a loving attitude to the bag of sugar.  We take a few moments and mentally send our blessings and LOVE to the sugar.  I push down on the arm again.  It remains up and firm.  I cannot push it down.

We have transformed the negative energy of the sugar
to positive energy instantly, before our very eyes.

It’s extremely important to understanding exactly what you are doing and why this energy illustration is important.  By blessing anything that appears to be the negative, you are intending to deliberately affect, enhance and heal problematic people and situations in your world energetically.  The effects are immediate as shown in this example.

You are affecting the energy of people each and every time you make a deliberate attempt to communicate effectively with them and with neutral energy.

It does not matter how difficult or impossible you previously believed a person to be, you now know that you are in fact affecting the electromagnetic field between you and initiating within a field of possible futures a new and different, desired outcome.

You, like the sugar, will be changed at depth and others will experience this change energetically.

Now, with that said, I highly encourage you to take time now to watch the conclusion of this energy illustration with collage students (friends of my son’s) in Part 2:

Now, let’s get real: I will be the first to admit just how hard it can be for me to not push back first – ask questions later – at someone who is behaving in a hurtful manner toward someone else.

There is post that’s going around social media saying “post yes if you are AGAINST BULLYING.”  It is getting a lot of yeses.  At first glance you might be saying to yourself, “Well of course I’m AGAINST it.”

As well intentioned as this post might be, I feel it misses the mark:  the language behind the Attitudinal Energy of what we think, say and do is the Key to changing hurtful behavior in yourself and in others.

Fighting “against” something brings more of it!  What many miss is that their use of attitudinal condemnation of a person who is behaving in a hurtful manner is that if you stoop down to mirror their behavior by hurting them back – being “against” them – verbally, attitudinally and/or physically can make a bully out of you!

Another way to “speak to the heart” of unskillful hurtful behavior choices is to stand firm on practicing PEACE … I am FOR helping people who are using bullying behavior to unleash their brokenness out into their world as a means to stay safe themselves. I am FOR seeking to understand first and foremost.

I am FOR teaching people how to have a two-way conversation when anything less than greatness comes into the equation. I am FOR helping people heal and transform into their BEST selves. I am FOR teaching people – through my peaceful, loving presence and directive example (even though it can be, without a doubt, the hardest thing to do in those moments) – a new way to be productive and happy in their worlds.

I am FOR helping people who have victim experiences to BE confident by RELABELING themselves so they can OWN their lives. I am FOR ALL people to OWN their God given greatness!

Question of the day:  What’s it costing you to not do something different and productive with the people in your life that are difficult for you to communicate effectively to?

Avoidance, abandoning or “in your face” confrontation methods for dealing with emotional upsets are not ever going to GIVE YOU productive, synergistic results.

Learning how to be gracefully skilled and confident with techniques that transform de-energizing situations in 30 seconds or less is the intelligent way for you to finally have more of what you want in life and less of what you don’t want for the long term.

To quote Einstein, “We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them” … I encourage you to invest in yourself and your happiness; don’t delay, start learning today!  It’s a great day to really grab hold of your life and own it!?

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