Kids! Getting Kids to DO What You Want When You Want

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What does a child’s Color Style and/or Learning Style have to do with getting them to knock off what they are doing that is putting you on your LAST NERVE?


Whether you’ve got kids with regular day-to-day age-related wants, needs, interests and distractions or you’ve got kids diagnosed as having special needs such as – ADD/ADHD, OCD, SPD, ODD, SED, ASD, Dyslexia, APD, HSP – both individual Color Styles and Learning Styles are definitely in play.  


Making the time to learn how your Color Style and Learning Style matches up (or doesn’t) with each of the children (regardless of any diagnosis) you live with and work with can give you instantaneous relief IF you will take this simple, straightforward information and apply it immediately to any and all areas of your life.  

What’s Your Kids’ Color Styles?

Getting Kids to DO What You Want When You Want It Done

Our time together is all about learning about the 4 Puzzle Pieces to getting more of what you want with your kids and less of what you don’t want.   



In understanding each of the strengths about our kids’ Color Styles and our own Color Styles in relationship to theirs we begin turn “ME into We” creating SYNERGY …

Come.  Be there early.  Seating is limited.

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