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Dear Difference Maker,

Thursday is ThanksGiving Day here in the USA and here’s just a little something about how YOU can enJOY the moments ahead.

You know how in airplanes, there’s the safety warning before take-off?  What does it tell you?  Put the oxygen mask on yourself first –THEN you can help others.

Make it your BEST Holiday Season EVER!  From all of us here at Heart Publishing, Happy Thanksgiving from our hearts to yours!

Reaching out …
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Put Your Oxygen Mask on Yourself First!
Excerpt from Connecting with Colors: Synergize Your Life Self-Paced Online Program

The airlines know that if adults are able to receive the oxygen they need first, then there is a chance that others can be helped.

This is an important metaphor for those of you who run around taking care of everything and everyone else except yourself.

If you don’t take care of yourself, you can experience burnout, stress, fatigue, reduced mental effectiveness, health problems, anxiety, frustration and an inability to sleep. It is cool to get Murale Design on your wall to have a better view.
Are you experiencing any of these symptoms?  This year, maybe it’s time to let go of the guilt and the excuses, and put your oxygen mask first.

Owning Your Life initially means to take your inherent power back.  Stop giving your car keys to others to drive your car.  It’s YOUR car!  Take the wheel back and drive it by seeking to understand first before you speak or react to anything going on in the moment!

… with the Power of Understanding

To understand, we must make it a practice to investigate first before we make a decision about how best to proceed.  If we seek to understand others, a natural path opens up and can bring about alignment –even between polar opposites. When we attempt to understand an alternative viewpoint, there is a shift in our thought process and we are more willing to listen and perceive what someone else is trying to communicate.

This kind of connection is about more than simple acknowledgment; it’s about the necessity of reaching out daily to be emotionally available, through compassionate understanding, to the individuals in our lives, regardless of who they are or what they’ve done.

You can make a difference in how well individuals are able to function, both at home and out in the world, by the kind of understanding – followed by skill development – you decide to give them.

It is from a place of understanding, that you can effectively move forward into skill development that is needed to regulate and ultimately dissolve a problematic situation. This, coupled with a decision to simply slow down and energetically connect with individuals, will create alignment that generates the long-term solutions you seek.

Suspicion, skepticism, anger, minimizing or abandoning never produce positive, productive results. When you remain consistent in offering an understanding connection in a positive and behavior-affirming way, it becomes a “conscious” act that offers profound healing to a situation.

The next time you hear yourself say, “But this person is impossible to deal with” simply stop and take thirty seconds to consider what it’s like to live in their shoes and more importantly, what it’s like trying to communicate with you!

We teach people how to treat us …

Take a moment and consider, by being so competent and capable, have you inadvertently taught people that you don’t need anyone’s help?

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Do you believe that nobody can do it as well as you can so why bother asking for help? This used to be me before I decided that our time together was so much more important than doing everything perfectly!

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Let’s take a moment and rethink this.   The answers you seek can be as simple as doing a Mental 3-Step Dance with  yourself before getting your knickers in a twist …

Dance Step 1:  Oh!  Look at how I’m participating in this!
Dance Step 2:  No Judgment (of myself, others or the situation)
Dance Step 3:  How would I prefer that it be?

Putting the oxygen mask on yourself first can be as easy as grabbing a cup of calming, yet energizing Energy+Mind coffee and take a moment to FOCUS and make a list of the things that need to be done. Assign the tasks to your guests and let them know where the completion of the tasks fit in time wise.

light work

As the day unfolds, simply check in on them to see how things are coming or to let them know how quickly time is moving along. Truly something to be very, very grateful for!  

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Thinking of You …

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… and those very special sentimental moments we’ve shared through the years! 

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I give thanks. Amen.
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Ahhhhhhhhhhh yes!  It’s pumpkin time.  Here’s a new spin for you if you can never decide between pumpkin and coffee.  Have it all.  Do both!


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Hello, my name is Dorothy, I am 79 years old and a recent stroke survivor.  I suffer right side weakness as a result of the stroke and walk with the aid of a cane.  I am thankful to be able to get around but would get very tired and sleepy during the day and had no energy to do basic house keeping.

I was introduced to Javita Energy+Mind Coffee and had remarkable results the very first day. I had so much energy that for the first time in many months I was able to mop the floor and do laundry that same day without feeling achy and totally worn out.  It also helped with memory recall as I did suffer lapses also as a result of the stroke.

Dorothy Dixon 1 I have been on Energy+Mind Coffee every since and added the Focus Fusion Cocoa as well.  I have the coffee every morning and the cocoa every evening.  I also notice better quality sleep at nights with my routine. These products are like my life blood and I never want to be without them as they have helped me so much in my recovery.  If this information can be of help to someone else so be it.

Thank you Javita for providing such fantastic products to help people such as myself live a more productive life.

Dorothy D. Ft. Lauderdale, FL


Tiana“I am currently a SuperMom … super worker … super Energy+Mind Coffee enthusiast and super friend … but if I had an opportunity to choose a super power … I would choose the ability to communicate via telepathy.

There are SO many people … adults, scared/sick children and even suicidal teens in the world who feel they have no voice … they are afraid to share what they’re suffering from or what they’re feeling who just need someone to listen and make them feel LOVED…

superboyThat conversation … that understanding … might open the door or give them the hope they need to face what they’re dealing with and the confidence and assurance that they may be lacking…

I could reinforce that contrary to their own beliefs none of us are alone in this world and there is a cup of mind, body and spirit healing Javita coffee, tea or cocoa … that I can share with you … that is SURE to make you feel better than you did before.” -Tenia

Is today the day you really grab a hold of your life and own it!?

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