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This week’s filling, lightly sweet TREAT with BENEFITS!

Learn all about the pick-me-up-balance-me-out you’ll get with this fun and healthy treat!  

Get yourself a healthy mental boost …

Before jumping on the medication band wagon, you could try two easy nutritional health drinks such as our  Energy+Mind Coffee and/or FocusFusion Cocoa for non-coffee drinkers.

If you are already on meds like my husband is, you may find as he has, that he was able to reduce the amount of medication he was taking by 50% since first starting to drink our Energy+Mind Coffee and FocusFusion Cocoa!


Unlike other coffees and cocoas our Energy+Mind Coffee and FocusFusion Cocoa are both infused with a potent blend of gotu kola and bacopa monnieri herbal extracts to provide maximum health benefits. People all over the world are raving about how they feel after drinking our herbally infused drinks regularly! 

Bacopa Monnieri (also called Brahmi or Water Hyssop) is an Ayurvedic herb with a long and proven history of health benefits. It is said to enhance cognitive ability and is used to consecrate newborns in India to “open the gateway of intelligence.” Laboratory studies show it may improve memory and intellectual activity and it is also a powerful antioxidant which helps our bodies neutralize free radicals. Bacopa can also have a positive effect on anxiety.

Gotu Kola is a type of parsley and is a staple of Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine which use Gotu Kola to help heal skin conditions, treat asthma, fever, stomach ulcers and provide mental stimulation. Scientific and medical studies also suggest Gotu Kola can help boost the memory and has a positive effect on anxiety and depression.

own your life: check the SCIENCE out for yourself!

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