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Dear Difference Maker,

Do you get yourself in to a great degree of overwhelm when it comes to figuring out how certain people in your home and work life?  Ever feel like you’ve got to walk on eggshells to just keep the peace?

If that’s how things are going for you then I’m excited to show you WHAT’s NEW about personality styles in today’s blog…

Reaching out …
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the 10% Solution to Relational Disconnects!
Excerpt from Connecting with Colors: Synergize Your Life Self-Paced Course  

How much of an iceberg do you actually see above the water?


The answer:  about 10%

You may have heard that 90% of an iceberg lies below the water and when it comes to difficult relationships, this is where most people stop short of continuing to learn about personality styles because people feel that this is just way too much to have to figure out… so why bother?!

THE FIRST BEING that in dealing with relational disconnects is that you absolutely do not need to know what’s going on with the 90% below the surface with anybody, anywhere, at anytime.

THE SECOND BEING that you only need to be able to interpret about 10% of what you are seeing right in front of you to be effective in being seen, heard and in coming across with a high level of credibility when it comes to quickly being able to apply my Connecting with Color Personality Styles system and strategies in your life.


Meaning that you don’t need to have a counseling background or know about anybody’s childhood, you don’t need to know what happened to anybody last year, or 20 years ago… it does not matter what baggage any one carries to be able to positively impact an intense situation in 30 seconds or less … with the right understanding and an effective tool!

So what we are going to do today is basically put together the 4 piece puzzle to creating synergy that only requires 10% of your ability to see what’s really try to happen in your ability to effectively CONNECT with the people you live with, love and work with.

The 1st piece of the puzzle is  how our minds speak via the 4 different Color Personality Style descriptions.

The 2nd piece of the puzzle is about how our emotions speak through the Secondary Colors – better known as your Color Combos – come into play.

The 3rd is about how our bodies speak via how we all change our Color Style Hats in basically 7 Life Areas and how they impact our Primary and Secondary color reactions and ability to connect.

The 4th is about the energy of our infinitesimal attitudes toward one another and the ONE simple technique that will bring it all together to create synergism …

When we define SYNERGISM it means that we can work together productively, innovatively, creatively and yes, even systematically so our relationships can go from looking discombobulated like this…

To this …

To this!

END GOAL – there is nothing so sweet as working together, living together and loving together synergistically!

Connecting turns Me into We = Synergy

WE ARE ALL WIRED TO CONNECT and repetition is the mother of all learning and as you practice, practice, practice DIALING IN other people’s Color Styles you go from the feeling of this being counter intuitive to being instantly intuitive with every person in your life and with every person you meet.   Maybe today’s the day to just step up and own your life …

3 ways to own your life!

The time is NOW to GEAR UP for your retreats, Face2Face inservices and/or professional development training and I’d welcome the opportunity to train your group on TEAM SYNERGY with my Color Personality Style Way … HOWEVER I’ve also created a Self-Paced Online Course AND a UTrain program where you can take charge right now and DIY it!

To learn how you and your colleagues, friends and loved ones can all learn how to easily and effortlessly Dial In each other’s Color Styles to enjoy the very best relationships can offer then check out my Connecting With Colors: SYNERGIZE Every Relationship In Your Life Program.  Take charge and stop waiting on someone else to fix this for you …


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UTrain 1

utrain 3

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I encourage you to invest in yourself and your happiness … don’t delay, start learning today! 


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