[Own Your Life] FOCUS is the New Savvy!

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So if FOCUS is the New Savvy, this brings up the question …

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Reaching out …

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FOCUS is just plain Savvy!

It doesn’t matter what age you are, walking into the room focused with confidence and ease about who you are is really savvy.

There have been  – of course – many studies done about the power of a woman’s smile as being the most attractive (savvy) thing a woman can do.  (I would venture to say that the same is true of a man’s smile too.)

In one of the studies they found that men were consistently more attracted to a woman’s smile first than anything about her looks.

What does smiling have to do with focus?  Owning your life … that’s what!

What I’ve observed about a human nature in my 30 years of being in business for myself is that it’s impossible to have confidence in what you do with out a very high degree of focus and intention about your purpose and passion … and yes, that IS your swagger, your charisma, your in the zone factor.

Anyone, any where can have focus no matter what they’ve been told about themselves, been labeled and or limited by.  To get yourself focused first requires a decision to show up for your life and own it!

Focus is a skill that can become a habit with practice and control.

I just ran across this study (image below) from Microsoft that I wanted to share with you for two reasons:

1) because it’s Wednesday – Hump Day – and this is the point in the week where many people start feeling an energy drain and …

2) because without “changing things up” in your life about the focus, energy and attention span needed to be productive, you could be literally keeping yourself from the success you seek and the dreams that are yours for the taking.


You will notice in this image that without focus, your energy can flow out of you many different ways through out any given day.

But what happens with one-pointed concentration, i.e., focus?  Your energy goes up, up, up, up.

When we give our energy away without being mindful and discerning, we end up feeling tired and de-energized at the end of the day.

However, when we are focused and productive we feel that wonderful feeling of “job well done” at the end of our day.  It’s a great feeling.

Owning your life is a mindset and one which is the key to our entire lives.

Excerpt from Eric Lofholm and James Karl Butler’s book, Focus

In The Snowball, Warren Buffett’s biography written by Alice Schroeder, she talks about a Fourth of July holiday when Bill Gates and Warren met for the first time at the home of ‘Washington Post editorial page editor and friend Meg Greenfield’s house on Bainbridge Island.  Bill Gates Sr. and Mary (Bill’s parents) were at the event as well and one evening, Bill asked a question about the success of all those at the dinner table.  Schroeder says:

“… At dinner, Bill Gates Sr. posed the question to the table:  What factor did people feel was the most important in getting to where they’d gotten in life? And Warren Buffett who was one of the guests said, ‘Focus’ to which Bill agreed.”

Schroeder continues:  “It is unclear how many people at the table understood ‘focus’ as Buffett lived that word.  This kind of innate focus couldn’t be emulated.  It meant the intensity that is the price of excellence.

It meant the discipline and passionate perfectionism that made Thomas Edison the quintessential American inventor, Walt Disney the king of family entertainment, and James Brown the Godfather of Soul.

It meant that depth of commitment and mental independence that lead Jeannette Rankin to stand alone as the only representative in Congress to vote against U.S. entry into both World Wars in the face of widespread ridicule.

It meant single-minded obsession with an ideal.” -pp.623-624

Where are we in life without one-pointed concentration and focus?

Focus is a skill that can become a habit with practice and control.  In today’s fast-paced, high-tech, bright-shiny-object world of distraction and interruption, we must remain focused on our key priorities if we are going to accomplish our goals and dreams.

The more successful people are in living life with wisdom, grace and the appearance of unhurried ease, have learned this key skill so they can get more out of every day.

The good news is that you can quickly find the relief of focus with balanced energy, even if you feel that you haven’t been as focused as you would like up to this point or have been diagnosed, i.e., labeled ADD/ADHD or any of the many other limiting labels being given to explain your personality style and how you are simply neurologically wired to learn and communicate.

own your time and get stuff done! 

There are incredibly simple ways to shift your focus and get the job done quicker and more efficiently but you have to change some habits that impact your productivity.

less effort more results! 

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Now that was …


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It’s TIME to get your FOCUS on!


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