Thanks & Giving


Dear Difference Maker,

These are my heartfelt sentiments I wrote about ThanksGiving as I was thinking of you …

… The season of thanks and giving is upon us. Giving thanks for family and friends, for life’s gifts and simple pleasures, the smells coming from the kitchen the hugs, the love, the kisses, the football! And peace within my walls & prosperity with my palaces…

ThanksGiving is quickly approaching, and while it is a uniquely American holiday, the idea of an annual celebration to give thanks for the blessings of the past year stretches back through time and around the world.

Today I am Thankful for You! You are making a difference, whether or not you feel like you are. The way you touched someone’s life yesterday made a difference. Your smile, your encouraging word, your willingness to just be “emotionally present” with another, has touched people in more ways than you realize.

This holiday season is dedicated to acknowledgment of each other and for giving thanks. At Heart Productions & Publishing, we’re thankful for all the amazing people we’ve found to reach out and connect with.

Please take a few moments today to enjoy this ThanksGiving Movie … I hope it gives you a smile.

We welcome you to use this movie in the ways that are of best service and to forward it on to those who will appreciate you thinking of them.

It was Jack Kornfield who once said, “When we get too caught up in the busyness of the world, we lose connection with one another – and ourselves” …and Thanksgiving offers this opportunity.

Reaching out to let you know … I Am Thankful for You!

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