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Dear Difference Maker,

We are in the second month of the new year, let’s continue to set the tone for how we want to enJOY our TIME each and every day.

Do you have adults and/or  children in your life who are currently struggling with TIME?

Have you interpreted a diagnosis of ADD/ADHD as defining  you?  As saying, “this is just who you are” so you are relieved of any responsibility to making your dreams come true?

Has this diagnosis/prognosis/label had an impact on the emotional connection and intimacy you often find yourself wishing you had more of?

Is there entirely too much drama resulting – arguing, fussing and hurtful disconnection – from trying so hard to get people to just get things done in a timely manner?

OR has the implied limitation of the ADD/ADHD label inadvertently become your reason for not getting the results you really want for yourself and/or your loved ones?  If you’re thinking you’d like this to change this year, I know you will like today’s blog.

Reaching out …
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Got TIME. Want more of it?


I’ve been writing and speaking for over 25 years about the thinking technology people must be willing to learn in order to heal their hearts, minds and spirits.

The Catch-22 is that while my books and programs do in fact transform lives, the people who struggle the most with having received an ADD/ADHD diagnosis – who could be most helped – are afraid, because of past learning experiences, to invest in themselves to do the mental work necessary to create new neurological pathways by simply taking in a little new knowledge each and every day.

You may be asking yourself, “Why would people not want to make the time to learn about the mind improving thinking technology that could improve their entire life experience?”


The reality is that for adults and children receiving ADD/ADHD diagnosis, far too many experience reading and learning as a lot of hard work to sit still for.

I know because I used to experience it as hard and even emotionally painful to force myself to sit still.  I don’t any more because I did the daily work to apply the new thinking technology to heal my mind, heart and spirit which is why I write the books and programs I do.

Recently I’ve discovered there is an even easier way to calm down, get focused and truly enJOY being highly productive regardless of possible side trips into distraction land.

Which brings me to one of the main reasons why we now included the nutritionally supportive, herbally infused products into our offerings here at Heart Productions & Publishing, the company I founded 25 years ago.

We’ve added Energy&Focus Coffee largely because of what has done for our ability to remain focused, calm and productive in our life together as husband and wife and as business partners.   This IS near and dear to my heart to help everyone feel better so they can do better.

In fact, my newest blog series is all about how you can own your life in a fast-pace, high-tech, bright-shiny-object world.  I am so determined to share with you the life changing research, thinking technology and spirituality content that can bring adults and children tremendous relief quickly by simply changing what you drink each morning.

You’ve been with me long enough to know that I’m on a mission to make a positive difference with my life’s work, products and services I have within my reach to provide you with.  I have invested my time and energy this last year in thoroughly checking out, and living with these amazing, if not miraculous, herbally infused drinks.

Weight loss is an individual process for everyone and in my ongoing research on the subject, I have discovered that the impact of the Energy&Focus Coffee and FocusFusion Cocoa on healing people’s mental and emotional lives which can happen within the first 24 days.   The successful experiences which are coming in daily continue to be simply astounding!

Another interesting finding is that ADD/ADHD factor can be directly linked with the compulsive, impulsive, emotional eating issue. This is something to consider as you are gearing up to OWN YOUR LIFE in ways that are sustainable.

Recently I attended a Business Women’s Conference and I made it a point of asking every woman I visited with if they or any one in their family had ever received an ADD/ADHD diagnosis.

To my surprise, 6 out of 10 said that not only do they believe that they have ADD but that most of the children in their family have it too.  Many went on to tell me that it could not be treated, that they were stuck with it and it would only get worse as a we get older!!

This is no more true than anything else we tell ourselves so we don’t have to show up for our own lives.

This raises the question: “Why wouldn’t we want to show up for our lives?”

I have found it is most likely because most people believe it’s going to be too hard when in truth, the simplest, easiest solutions are most often the best solutions for our lives.


This is one of those times when you can simply change out a few cups of coffee (or cocoa) a day that you are already drinking in order to be able to FOCUS.  Because as I always say…

Too many suffer everyday trying desperately to overcome a diagnosis of ADD/ADHD. Please allow this heartfelt note to offer hope that natural remedies do exist where you might last expect them …

“I am a Special Education Paraprofessional, full-time college student, wife, mommy, and competitive cheer mom. During the day I am responsible for helping little ones overcome obstacles physically, emotionally and mentally. All while I battle myself. At night I struggle, balancing bedtime stories and baths and term papers.

I am running non stop, and a few who know me know I have ADD and always have. It’s not something adults are supposed to admit to it have, something we should just ‘grow out of’. It is like having 10 browser windows open at once. All the time. Keeping your mind set on one thing is extremely difficult, because you’re always jumping to another thing. Doing everything, but finishing nothing.

Kristin M

My teacher friend gave me my first cup of Energy&Mind coffee, and it changed my mornings, my days, my personal strategies for completing my days effectively.

It is HUGE for me. My focus and my energy are on point, and I don’t feel like I’m constantly running in circles anymore. Anyone with an Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) would understand that is not something you think you’ll ever feel. Anxiety constantly. I am so excited to say that this isn’t my battle anymore!!!!! I cannot say with enough excitement how much I appreciate Energy&Mind.

I am finally in control of my day instead of my days controlling me. Being more organized and mentally clear have made me a better mommy and wife. That is huge to me, and means the world to my family who DESERVE the world, and deserve a mommy who effectively runs her household. I’m 4 months HAPPY with this new herbally infused Energy&Mind coffee. I didn’t want to take medication anymore as an adult, so finding a non-chemical dependent solution has been life changing. Thank you Javita, and thank you Melissa for caring enough about me to give me my first cup of a new life!!” ~Kristin M.

Two yea22290_10206206673902352_3422725073658398729_nrs ago, my husband was diagnosed with a terminal illness.  When I found out, I decided that I was going to live each day positively and take care of my husband the best I could.

Energy+Mind Coffee has given me a way to make this journey a little easier for my husband, family and myself.  I’ve noticed he was more coherent and had clearer thinking overall using the Energy+Mind. When he uses other coffee, he notices the difference immediately.11828582_10206909400790085_4290513910592314784_n

You can think you have your life all planned out, but in an instant something dramatic can happen that will change your life forever.

You have to be prepared!


Enough said about the importance of TIME.  Is today the day you really grab a hold of your life and own it!?

feel better do better heart

It’s TIME to get your FOCUS on!


For a quick pick-me-up that doesn’t let you down. Unlike other coffees Energy+Mind Coffee infuses a potent blend of green tea, gotu kola and bacopa monnieri herbal extracts into their coffee to provide maximum health benefits.

Click here to experience a positive difference in your life.

now you can …
own your life in an ADD world

I encourage you to simply DO my 24-Day Feel Better Do Better Challenge.

Order a box today and get yourself on this miraculous herbally infused coffee and/or cocoa for your own personal 24 day experiment and go from this …


to this…

Heart Publishing, the Pacific Northwest

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