Understanding Brains!

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What if there IS another way to understand our kids, loved ones, family and friends that will dissolve the labels we’ve been carrying around either about ourselves and/or others. Would you want to know?

Take a few minutes today to read about what may be a much more helpful way to understand what’s really going on with your kiddos.

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Understanding Brains!
Excerpt from Connecting with Colors Personality Styles UTrain Program

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What do you see?  Perspective determines how we are deciding to see someone, which instantly impacts how we treat them energetically. It’s all in your perception. Ignorance does not lead to bliss.  A shift in POV = Point of View can make all the difference in the world. 

Having worked with 1000s of other people’s children and 20,000 + adults in corporate settings what I have observed that the largest percentage of the behavioral problems and the resulting limitations we label each other with is that it’s always, always all about POV – Point of View or perception.

Let me just say this:  Depending on one’s Personality Style we often make things far more difficult than they need to be especially when we aren’t feeling good because fear gets involved and can play havoc in our ability to be discerning.  As soon as this happens we start with the negative labels.

The Key to positively impacting ANY mental or emotionally intense health related situation in our life is to consider for a moment, “Are we making this far more difficult (and potentially hurtful) than it needs to be?”

I liken the solutions in life that we seek to Ockham’s razor (also spelled Occam’s razor, but attributed to 14th-century English logician, William of Ockham) …

Ockham’s razor is the idea that, in trying to understand something, getting unnecessary information out of the way is the fastest way to the solution.

Ockham’s razor is a philosophical or scientific principle according to which the best explanation of an event is the one that is the simplest, using the fewest assumptions or hypotheses.

If you think back over your life, I think you’ll find that the simplest solutions – for the most part – ended up being the best solutions.

words are containers of power
Here’s something to think about:  Instead of labeling any one’s brain as DIS-ordered, maybe what’s problematic in connecting, communicating directives and one’s ability to be productive at high levels is simply a Color Style issue.  We tend to make anyone who’s neurological wiring is different than ours wrong as if our wiring is the only way a human being should be, must be wired!  Let me explain through pictures …

cwc 1

According to Dr. Amen this is what a Classic ADHD brain scan looks like…

cwc 2

And here is what Dr. Amen’s Classic ADD (inattentive) brain scan looks like….cwc 3

Now stay with me here because this is where it can become easier to work with and live with …

cwc 8

What has become problematic for the brain is when it is too strong in its predominate color and has not been encouraged / trained to expand into the other areas of the brain that are in fact available through creating new neurological pathways to them.  It just so happens that this is what my Connecting with Color’s Program is designed to do.

cwc 9 cwc 10

Rather than approach this as DISordered or “what’s wrong with you or your loved one” let’s look at this as a Color Style Connecting Puzzle Piece…

cwc 11

When you begin to understand how the brain is neurologically wired, then you can begin to “dial-in” that person’s color style and start speaking “their” language to get them on the same page as you.

cwc 12

But this is not all.  Regarding Dr. Amen’s brain scans.  Let’s take a look at what healthy brain scans look like.

Please note:  This is the Brain of Eric Jensen, author of Teaching with Poverty in Mind when he was RELAXED

brain unstressed

This is also the Brain of Eric Jensen when he was being badly STRESSED ….

brain stressed

My point is this:  Coming AT people too strongly with our predominate personality style can in fact STRESS the brain and cause it to quickly go from smooth even activation to looking like there are cavernous holes that have suddenly caved-in.  Have you ever had that caved-in feeling?  Well, this is what may be happening.

What we really must start talking about is: what the stressors of our lives are actually doing to our brain’s ability function on a moment by moment – day to day basis.

STRESSORS include:  people coming at you attitudinally because you process information, communication, connection differently than they do; people who label you to fit you into some kind of “the problem with you is …” category instead of changing their color style approach with you; poverty environment, i.e., not knowing where your next meal is going to come; the tone of your home, i.e., a daily war ground in relationships; the grips of addiction i.e., using substances including food to zone out and not be emotionally available; social emotional hurts, i.e., bullying … etc. etc. etc.

A great rule of thumb:  K.I.S.S =>Keep It Simple & Straightforward.  Maybe it’s time to learn how to do exactly that!?

To learn how you and your colleagues, friends and loved ones can all learn how to easily and effortlessly Dial In each other’s Color Styles to enjoy the very best relationships can offer take charge and stop waiting on someone else to fix this for you with my ….

UTrain:  Got Mega Stress with your people?  Then DIY it: Do-It-Yourself with my Connecting With Colors UTrain Program for anyone who simply wants to step up and get the information in front of their people that will change everything for the better (also for professional development trainers too).

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Now you can see your entire groups PSP test results … 


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