What happens when PASSION meets PURPOSE?

It has always been our vision to give the Colton community an opportunity to directly influence the football program at Colton High school. With your help, our program will thrive in a new way. Your support is crucial to these efforts.

We greatly appreciate your donation, as it will be used to help further both middle school and high school football in Colton, OR.

The Viking Football Fund is a TAX EXEMPT 501c3 non-profit that fundraises for Colton Oregon School District Viking football team supplies and equipment. Augment funds available from the school district. EIN# 85-2649949

For a 100% FULL TAX DEDUCTION please make checks payable to:

Thank you for your contribution. No benefit was bestowed upon this donor in exchange for this contribution other than the joy of giving to an organization that supports the positive development of young people using the blessed tool of football in Colton, OR.