Women of Today Movie

Dear Difference Maker,

March 8 is International Women’s Day.  We are mothers. We are daughters. We are sisters. We are friends. We are teachers. We are leaders. We are women. We are beauty. We are gracefulness to all who come our way. Our hearts are soft. Our Spirits strong. We are the women of today …

This movie is for  e-v-e-r-y  woman who is stepping more fully into her greatness and making a world of difference because of it.

Whether you are a woman or man I hope that you will truly enjoy this feel good movie today.

You will want to put your headsets on and turn UP your speakers to enjoy the musical artistry of Faith Rivera‘s upbeat, if not addictive, Women of Today … sit up straight, put your shoulders back, take a deep breath… and feel the wonderful power of being a Woman of Today! 

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Reaching out …


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