Make A Difference 30 Day Challenge

Dear Difference Maker,

How long has it been since someone acknowledged you?

Feels great when it happens … right?

Why wait to feel great?

Get out there and acknowledge someone right now… it is the ONE THING that absolutely will Dissolve Communication Barriers Once and for All!

To learn how re-Energizing Acknowledging others is to do, take a short break and come spend a little time with me as I explain:

I have also made a short video to visit with you about a really cool thing you can doing JUST FOR THE FUN OF IT: my 30 Day Acknowledgment Challenge.

Hear my story about how I was looking for love in all the wrong places
and remedied the hole in my heart by learning how to reach out and touch others.

You CAN Design your own Delivery

OPTION 1Acknowledgment Ceremony
D.I.Y. [Do It Yourself]:   Buy the Acknowledgment Movie, Play the Movie then do the 3-Step “I Make A Difference®” Acknowledgment for a Planned Event or for Random Acknowledgment. [Each Wristband and/or Sticker order includes a download of the 3-Step Ceremony.] CLICK HERE to ORDER Wristbands/Stickers 3-4 Weeks Ahead of your Event.

OPTION 2Make A Difference DAY, WEEK, MONTH or YEAR
D.I.Y. [Do It Yourself] Program:
Make A Difference with the Power of Acknowledgment UTRAIN® Leader’s Guide provides sample talks, assemblies/in-services and activities, from 25 minute segments to 50 to 80 minute sessions; plan a Make A Difference DAY, WEEK, MONTH or YEAR.  All the heavy lifting has been done for you in …



OPTION 4Become a Certified Make A Difference WEEK Facilitator: CLICK HERE

Reaching out …

Marys Signature

Mary Robinson Reynolds
Author & Founder, Heart Publishing

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PPS … Here’s what your Online Program DASHBOARD will look like.  LISTEN IN on this OVERVIEW of the entire program.  You will learn the STRUCTURE of how YOU can easily and simply bring this program into your entire organization:

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