America Our Heart & Soul

Dear Difference Maker,

John Schmidt is here to Support Our Troops and Families, who are the “Heart of America” through his words, his songs, his actions and any other ways and means he can possibly find to support them.

It is his hope that you’ll join us at Heart Publishing along with many military families, veterans and friends in doing the same. With deep appreciation for the positive difference you are making in the world, we welcome you to forward this movie to your friends, family and colleagues.



Please take a few minutes to feel the patriotism of …
This Is America Our Heart & Soul

While here in America we will break out the flags, hot dogs and red, white and blue apparel to celebrate our special occasions: Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day, we acknowledge that countries around the world have their own days and traditions to commemorate fallen soldiers.  God bless all those who have given their lives that we may live.

Reaching out …

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PS … If you’d like to show this movie to anyone for a private or public presentation or are interested in John Schmidt’s MP3 of this song, full-screen Movie Download for public presentations and for personal use as a ScreenSaver, iPod and Other Players click here.

PPS … In the Spirit of this day, I think you will enjoy reading John Wayne “Jack” Schlatter’s heartfelt Tribute to the Military Family and Tribute to the Military; I Am A Protector of Peace from his book, Gifts by the Side of the Road then click here and look for the TAB at the top of the book that says: Turn To FEATURED Story