[Own Your Life] Work with Hound Dogs?

Dear Difference Maker,

There’s a man walking down a lonely road and in the distance he sees a farm house and he’s kind of thirsty so as he approaches the farmhouse to get a drink of water he sees an old man sitting in a rocking chair rocking back and forth, back and forth, and sitting right next to him is a big ol’ nasty hound dog making this sound.

The stranger says, “Sir can I have a glass of water?”  The man gets up and goes into the house to get a glass of water and comes back out.  Now they’re both drinking water on the porch having a nice conversation but all you can hear in the background is, “Arrrrrrrrrr.”

Finally the stranger can’t take it anymore and he says, “I’m sorry but I’ve just got to ask, what’s wrong with your dog that he’s making this sound?”  “Arrrrrrrrrr.”

The man answers, “Son, he’s laying on a tack.”

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The stranger doesn’t know what to say because it’s kind of an unusual response.  They go back to their nice conversation but apparently the pain is getting more excruciating, “Arrrrrrrrrr” “Arrrrrrrrrr” “Arrrrrrrrrr.”

Finally the stranger can’t take it any more and he says, “Excuse me sir but if your dog is laying on a tack why doesn’t he just get up?” and he said, “Son, you just don’t understand.  The tack hurts the dog but not enough to make him want to get up and do something about it!”

Now have you met people who that all their lives all they do is “Arrrrrrrrrr?”

The next time you hear people complaining this is what I want you to remember, “Arrrrrrrrrr.”

Now I tell you this story today because many people today live and work with people who, like this hound, lack motivation to do something about their circumstances and yet there’s a lot of complaining going on about what they should be doing. If this is a situation that you’ve been dealing with then suffer in silence no more …

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In today’s world, Managers, Administrators, Principals as well as Administrative Assistants are now stepping up to do a great amount of staff training so we’ve made it easier for You to train & coach!

Whether you’re a manager, administrator or entrepreneur, trying every day to herd a bunch of cats into the same room at the same time, requires the kind of leadership that the Tom Sawyers of the world know about. (Remember how he got everyone to paint the fence white, thinking they were having a great time, while he simply stepped aside.)

Some of the simplest methods for leading are actually quite easy to accomplish. And once you get my Team SYNERGY system working for you, a lot of the hard work you’re doing now can be reduced to a fraction of your time and effort.

Are you…

•  Interested in the New Quantum Science and HOW you can intentionally apply your attitudinal energy to deliberately transform the negative energy of intense situations with staff and team members as well as with your customers, clients and/or consumers?
•  Experiencing negative physical and emotional symptoms from being stressed out from all of the de-energizing rhetoric, reorganization and the fear people are having about necessary changes going on in your place of work.
•  In need of quick, easy and effective team building training modules and activities because you have been informed that your time to actually teach, train and work with your people is being cut back instead of extended in the ways that would actually make the greatest difference and improvements.
•  Tired of having to go out and do an energy draining one-on-one counseling session every time you need someone to simply stay on task and do the job they are being paid to do?
•  Deeply concerned about how to effectively empower those who complain a lot, who are belligerent, oppositional, depressive or who bully in order to control and hurt others.
•  Concerned about your career and/or financial security and how best to work with difficult people effectively so you are not inadvertently inflaming an already volatile situation?
•  Frustrated by observing all of the contagious negativity undermining your work place culture from all of the backstabbing and gossiping going on near the water coolers and in the break lounges.
•  Wondering ‘how’ to get people to come to work with the INTENTION to make the workplace a better place for just having been there?
•  Wishing you could better attract – and retain – valuable people on staff who actively show up to participate in their own growth and career advancement?

If it feels like you’re are not making the progress you want to make, knowing you have a great group of people who simply can not seem to get along, let alone experience the productivity that a synergistic culture could make things.

The problem might be with your MINDSET about just how hard this has to be! And if you’re asking yourself “How do I get my team of professionals to JUST GET ALONG?” at this point, we BOTH know that’s a serious problem that needs to positive resolution… today!

Here’s why…

I’ve been there, and done that! I can tell you that any and ALL unresolved communication issues lingering around the workplace will not just go away until we learn how to strategically and powerfully open the lines of communication. This means learning how to really hear what we fear and then TurnAround intense situations into positive outcomes.

I spent my early professional years as a K-8 classroom teacher and then as a K-12 counselor. I was having tremendous measurable academic results with the kids nobody else wanted in their classrooms by developing “attitudinal” energy techniques to empower students and parents to bridge effective communication and leadership within the educational system.

As a former girls volleyball and basketball coach who won championships in each sport, I know what it takes to ENERGIZE and positively influence teams to winning outcomes with synergistic focus and intention.

I parlayed my phenomenal success with at-risk youth into Continuing Education Courses for Portland State University on how to be energetically effective educators.

For the past two decades, I have taken my exceptional programs to educational professionals, business leaders, entrepreneurs and corporate managers conducting training and consulting on how to be effective in creating improvement in their organizations through the power of Team Synergy.

During this same time period, I was also an active network marketing business builder in The People’s Network (TPN), a Positive Television company, known as “The Success Channel.”  It was one of the most revolutionary concepts ever introduced to the television industry. During the first two years of building this business, my organization’s exponential efforts brought in well over 1200 business associates, and I was recognized as one of TPN’s Top 50 Producers. When TPN merged with Pre-Paid Legal, Inc., I put all of my efforts into raising my family while systematically building my publishing and production company.

I have first-hand knowledge of the day-to-day demands of owning and running a business – customer service, recruiting, training, managing – as well as the long term goals of group development – contracts, negotiations, sales, branding, production costs, increasing customer base.

Running a business also INCLUDES effectively dealing with negative mindsets and misunderstandings that can lead to contagious gossip and brutal back-stabbing among staff, which can – if not effectively defused – ultimately will seep out to consumers and business associates. The development of my work with such a diverse and creative group of individuals has been key to the growth and reach of my business to make a difference.

Teaming in the Zone is ALL about cooperative leading, open constructive communication and the Synergy that is created when two or more minds come together in the spirit of harmony for a specific objective or goal. That’s when Synergy happens!

Synergism, in general, may be defined as two or more agents working together to produce a result not obtainable by any of the agents independently. The word synergy or synergism comes from two Greek words: erg meaning “to work”, and syn meaning “together”; hence, synergism is a “working together.”

The definition of Synergy comes from the Greek word synergia, meaning joint work and cooperative action. Synergy is when the working together of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect produces an effect greater than the sum of their individual effects or parts. Also called synergetic effect or synergistic effect, it is the opposite of antagonism.

You’ve been Asking and HERE IT IS!

NEW! Mary’s FULL Training Outline & Power Point Presentation INCLUDING Connecting with Colors Personality & Learning Styles Slides. Click here to see samples.

This Team SYNERGY UTRAIN® Program PowerPoint presentation and comprehensive training has been created for:

  1. People who lead, train and who work with groups of any size.
  2. Staff developers who really want to make a difference in the lives of others.
  3. Energize Morale and transform the culture of your work environment positively.
  4. Anyone who currently or will in the future, spend a lot time in front of groups.
  5. ALL Individuals who intend to advance their careers and leave their place of work better than they found it no matter where the road leads!

Your presentations will have title slides and closing slides. They are adaptable for personal customization: adding your own titles, key themes, strategies, persons of interest, organization themes, photos and activities.

In This Team SYNERGY UTRAIN® Program You will Learn How To:

Best Utilize the New Science  •  Quantum Mechanics & Field Theory in Building Positive, Motivated SYNERGISTIC TEAMS  •  Connecting With Colors Personality Styles  •  Use Intention and Energy to Create Cooperative Leadership  •  Generate Self-Sustaining Team Motivation  •  Build Solid Relationships with Anyone  •  Learn to Communicate Clearly & Avoid Misunderstandings  •  Manage Individuals with Rotten Attitudes or Lousy People Skills  •  Handling Difficult Conversations  •  Boost Morale: Communication Dos and Don’ts  •  Handle Attitudinal Negativity  •  Be Assertive with Tact & Finesse  •  Listen  •  How to Transform & Work Successfully With Difficult, Demanding & Inconsiderate People  •  Increase Emotional Intelligence with Compassion  •  Be An Outstanding Communicator  •  Use Compassion to Create Intelligence  •  Powerful Communication Skills For Women & Men  •  Use Creative Team-Building Ideas and Activities To Create Instant SYNERGY  •  Leadership & Management Skills for Women & Men  •  Quickly Improve Your Communication Skills for Success  •  How To Manage Emotions  • and so much more with Mary’s One-on-One Q&A, Role Play and Coaching.

Team SYNERGY UTRAIN® Program Session Topics for
each of the 60 – 90 Minute Class Sessions + 30 Minute Q&A

It’s ALL about Energy and “How” You are Connecting!

Session 1:  Re-igniting Employee Morale – Stepping more fully into GREATNESS
Innovative Solutions & Energy Enhancers – Problematic Areas Turned into Solutions!

Session 2:  Personality Styles, Brain Function & Differential Learning:
Immediate Application of the Connecting with Colors program.
The #1-Technique that works like magic with the People you struggle the most with.
A MUST for creating understanding to open lines of communication to create Synergy.

Session 3:  User friendly Quantum Field Theory & Interconnectedness.
Best Utilize the New Scientific Research in Building Positive, Motivated. SYNERGISTIC TEAMS. Implementing the 30 Second Behavior Transformation that will Change Your Life!

Session 4:  Becoming a TurnAround Specialist Part 1
Ineffective (Inflammatory) Language / Effective Accountability Language.
Brain Research and specific techniques to transform oppositional or belligerent behavior.

Session 5:  How to Generate Universal Understanding & Compassion
Mary’s Signature Exercise for Turning Entire Organizational Culture and Understanding around!
Relabeling: Getting to the Root of Each Person’s Core Beliefs and Projections

Session 6:  Becoming a TurnAround Specialist Part 2: Application
Mary’s 7-BEST ONE-LINERS for Defusing & Disarming Conflict & Confrontation
with Behavioral and Productivity Challenged Individuals.
Transform Intense situations with Staff and organization at large with
Mary’s “What, If, When …30 Seconds to Impact” Transformational Technique.

Everything is Instantly Delivered Electronically

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