[Own Your Life] Work with Nit-Pickers?!

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Would you feel more productive with your group if there wasn’t so much nit-picking about each other’s approaches?  There is a way for you to do this easily and it’s all explained for you in today’s blog.

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Work with Nit-Pickers?!
Excerpt from Connecting with Colors: Synergize Your Life Self-Paced Course  

Have you ever had one of those conversations that no matter how much you are trying to get your point across that the other person is just not getting it?

Well the reason why is because you are not speaking each other’s languages because you are neurologically wired differently.   What needs to happen is that we need to learn more about how other people are wired so we can apply that knowledge to how we can expand our own neurological system to accommodate theirs.

For example if I was going to live in Italy for several years I would want to learn their language.

That doesn’t change who I am, it expands who I am AND advances my earnability.

Would you like to get everyone on the same page?

There IS a simple, quick and easy way to shed some light on what’s really going on with our Connecting with Color’s PSPs – Personality Style Profiles – for any one or all of the 7 Life Areas: Work, Management, Sales, Love/Sex/Money, Parent/Teacher and Tweens/Teens.

Give everyone who work, live and play with their own Personality Style Profile – PSP – test and see the results automatically tallied into a Team Report.

PSPs reports

When you invest getting everyone tested for their Color Personality Style you will automatically receive a Team Synergy Builder Dashboard that shows you what your group looks like and why they are responding to each other in the ways that they are.

The PSP Reports give each test taker an individualized explanation about understanding how to communicate with each of the other 3 Color Styles.

Now you can see your entire groups PSP test results.  Watch this … 

You can be ready to send out access codes to your colleagues right away before your next team meeting.  As the tests are taking your Team Report will be generated …

CWC 29

You will have the option of keeping the information until the next meeting or have everyone receive their PSP Reports before the next meeting so they can start getting their own insights into how others are seeing them.

CWC 28

Isn’t it time to get everyone working together instead of constantly being at cross-purposes?

==> Be the colleague everyone wants to work with and for
==> Boost productivity and employee performance
==> Ignite enthusiasm and excitement in your team

Find out how CONNECTING communication can instantly boost morale!

No matter what environment you’re in, chances are your colleagues get stressed out … burned out … and feel disconnected. As a member of the team, you probably feel the same way from time to time. You know that leads to lower morale, decreased productivity, diminishing performance, and ultimately a decline in job security.

Oftentimes “Color Style” communication is the number one culprit to these feelings. Misunderstandings lead to conflict. A lack of information leaves people feeling in the dark or confused. In short, bad communication plummets morale.

Thankfully there’s an easy solution.  Quantity pricing for PSPs – Personality Style Profiles are available at: ConnectingwithColors.com/PSPs

Today is a great the day to step up and own your life …

3 ways to own your life!

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To learn how you and your colleagues, friends and loved ones can all learn how to easily and effortlessly Dial In each other’s Color Styles to enjoy the very best relationships can offer then check out my Connecting With Colors: SYNERGIZE Every Relationship In Your Life Program. (Includes 10 PSPs)

To learn how you and your colleagues, friends and loved ones can all learn how to easily and effortlessly Dial In each other’s Color Styles to enjoy the very best relationships can offer take charge and stop waiting on someone else to fix this for you with my Self-Paced Online Course …

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UTrain 1

utrain 3


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