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The statement that’s popular now – I feel you – is more substantive than what many realize or utilize on a deliberate and conscious level.  Being able to see, in our mind’s eye, information coming in about how someone else in our lives is doing is available to every one not just psychics, intuitives or sensors.  It’s just whether or not we are willing to know what we know as our God given gift to use with great care and wisdom.

I particularly love how our ever evolving quantum science is now able to give us real life visuals that can provide a deeper understanding as to what historically great teachers have been talking about for thousands of years.

As we move quickly now into the ups and downs of the new year I hope you’ll grab hold of what today’s blog reveals that can make your entire year smooth and fulfilling.

Reaching out …

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 Intuition. Love. Energy.


In my first three years of teaching, I was aware that I had a knack with the growing number of students coming into my classrooms every year who were struggling behaviorally and academically.

That special knack had everything to do with how I was connecting with them attitudinally and I knew it.  The goal was to figure out how I could explain it to others so they could pave a smoother road for kids in need too.

Ten years later, as I began to put together Continuing Education Programs to explain what I was doing differently I found not only was I able to find the science to support what was happening, every explanation could be referenced within the Bible too.

Because of this search for how to explain the transformations I was able to call out in a population of students getting lost in the cracks of traditional methods, my inner knowing has never seen science as a separate conversation from our spiritual connection with God and each other.  I feel that, as with most things we are getting to experience in this life, it’s all interconnected and the more we understand the more we can come together and be blessings to one another.

Given that we have just celebrated Christmas and the start of the new year, it seems important to make it a point to remember every single day that it is not our job to fix another person; it is our assignment in life to love because God is love and is really all there is when it’s all said and done.

Regardless of whether you are devoutly religious, deeply spiritual, a person who believes in the essence of nature, an atheist, agnostic or simply skeptical; it has been my most consistent observation that we can all agree about the power of Love.  When there is a legalistic practice of one’s religious beliefs, politics or anything that we put judgmental attitudinal force to, the result can end up being hateful resistance.  Love has been and always will be a healing, soothing balm to the recipient and the giver, both.

LOVE & judge

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With that said, let’s dig deeper into the science involved in Sub-Atomic InterConnectedness which is most definitely one of my most favorite subjects …

Message Sending, Message Receiving
Excerpt from Connecting With Colors: Synergize Your Life Online Course 

message sending

My friend and mentor, Dr. E.Page Bailey, creator of Educotherapy, offers his explanation of how we actually express ourselves through our thought energy, and pick up on these intentional messages from others:

“In Marlo Morgan’s book, Mutant Message Down Under, she has a chapter called Cordless Phone.  There is a passage in which one of the hunters has left the tribe and goes out to kill a kangaroo.  He does so, but drinks contaminated water, becomes ill and contacts the tribe telepathically.  

“Marlo observes the tribe suddenly stopping in their daily trek.  They kneel in prayer and receive the message that the hunter is asking for permission to cut off the tail of the kangaroo and bring the kangaroo to a predetermined destination in the desert, which itself is a fascinating process:  how do they determine position in the desert and how do they know that?


“The tribe could not have picked up just any message.  If that brave hunter with the kangaroo said, “I want tickets to see the New England Patriots football game,” the tribe would not have gotten that message, so there is a pre-conditioned message sending and message receiving set that has been created in the culture, which in turn has modified an atomic process.  This aboriginal tribe has created a receptivity to a particular set of messages.

“Now we also in our culture have created receptivity to a certain set of messages in the human dialogic process, and those messages are again determined by pre-conditioning.

“Let’s say that you are in a conversation with someone and you find yourself saying, ‘Tell me what you told me again, I know you just said some words, but give me more words so that I’m sure what your words meant.’  What you may be sensing intuitively is that there is another script and other information that has not as yet been said out loud.  You can feel when there’s something more that’s not being said.  That intuition would not be there if there were not a message sending and receiving process.

“This can happen when we are first beginning to date someone, especially if we are really very interested in the person, but we are not verbalizing that yet.  Or you may be in a conversation, and you hear just a few words, but you intuit many more, and you are troubled by the fact that you did not get to confirm your intuition.

“Another way to describe this is as the message conditioning that our particular culture has provided for us.  We are all receptive to cultural messages to varying degrees and in different ways.”

In relation to money, health, relationships and weight loss, this translates into whatever group consciousness we are picking up on and or believing is the only “reality” based on what their decisions, beliefs and practices are and have been.

Again, we see the importance of how we can utilize the support of forward thinking, “own your life,” self-empowered family, friends and colleagues to help us not feel crazy by all of this.  Sometimes, we just need help and approval to get in touch with what we know and not be dis-empowered by whatever is happening, just because it’s happening!

It is so important that we learn to move out of fear and avoidance mentality and move into a proactive, adventuresome mentality.  We do this by choosing to actively acknowledge limiting group consciousness and message conditioning without making it or us right or wrong, good or bad.

Limited belief systems and consciousness are being transmitted around us all the time and by choosing fear and avoidance of it, we inadvertently allow it to seep into our psyches anyway!  When we bring it to the surface of our thoughts by encouraging each other to search deeper within ourselves to what is really wanted, and not what we’ve been told is possible, right or wrong, good or bad.  And to reference Jesus’ advice to “Be …


Intuition and Telepathy

Atoms are universal; and at the atomic level there is energy in us that’s in all the universe.  But we are not sharing electrons, we are modifying electron behavior in each other or in the outcome of events.  As we now understand, our electrons are reading other electrons as we are moving empathetically.

For example, one element of intuition and/or telepathy is really just the electrons and information that we are receiving.  Receptive people are simply open to the translation of those energies which are received around them.  And there can be no question about the fact that some people have elected to be more open to the receptivity of sub-atomic information, and that through practice they have developed it to very high levels.

We are all receptive at some level.

Sub-Atomic communication really does let us know or intuit when we are near danger, or that we are safe, by the energy we are feeling about a person, a situation or the environment we are in.

When we hear that still small voice speaking to us, it is about 1) our connection to the infinite and 2) us paying attention to what we are, in fact, picking up vibrationally in the world around us.

This information not only explains what is happening all around us at any given moment, it also explains why it’s important to understand that we are constantly interacting with future probability fields.

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It is easy to understand why many people are somewhat fearful about acknowledging what we call intuition or telepathic communication.  For to acknowledge intuition may mean that we will have to do something about what we do in fact know is going on in our world, and we really are not okay with it.

A very high percentage of our formal training in this society is either about, 1) using force and fighting back or, 2) using avoidance, powerlessness, compliance to that which is detrimental or harmful to us. Both erupt from states of powerlessness.  Because of this, we can become emotionally paralyzed by what we think we cannot affect and change.  Even though this training is not in our best interests, to know what we know and feel what we feel means that we will then be compelled to do something about it!

It means really valuing ourselves above all others.  It represents personal responsibility.   Just because we may be choosing to “not know” what we know, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist or is on its way into our experience.  It doesn’t mean that the knowledge of whatever is going on around us, especially in connection to the people we are closest to, isn’t available to us the instant we open up our individualized filtration system to let it come in and be known to us.

Another reason people shy away from their intuition is that they fear they may not read it correctly.  This is a valid concern because our fears and belief systems can become involved in what’s known as projections. Meaning that, for example, if I have a teen age son who is out on his first date, and is, in fact, being a responsible young adult, I may, nevertheless, have a fear that he will do something that I consider bad or wrong. It’s entirely possible that I will misread my intuition because of my fear projection.

And to learn more about how this works and what you can learn to do differently about it, a great place to start is to learn more about how your personality style directly impacts every conversation you are trying to have.  If you are not getting more of what you want in life, its simply a knowledge base issue that can be resolved by learning simple and effective skills that can literally transform negative situations in 30 seconds or less. 

Sometimes, like the butterfly working to get out of it’s cocoon, life offers us very uncomfortable experiences for us to lean into.  Great discomfort may be necessary, but suffering is optional.

Is today the day you really grab a hold of your life and own it!?

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