[Own Your Life] Writing on Your Wall?

Dear Difference Maker,

Holidays!?  What will you decide to do differently this year to take care of You?!

The very best way to take care of yourself can come from something as simple as making a conscious choice to embody an AFZ – Attitude Free Zone for your own mental health and for others …

Reaching out …
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What’s the Writing on Your Wall Saying?
Excerpt from Connecting with Colors: Synergize Your Life Self-Paced Course

We all make a difference somewhere, somehow, every single day. The question is, “What kind of difference do we make?”

Making a difference is the lifeblood of one’s existence and therefore of any organization we work for or contribute to.  Everything flows from it and is nourished by it … it’s an attitude.

To create alignment between yourself and an individual that is problematic for you, the very best place to begin is with Behavior Modification’s #1 Rule: Before you can change anyone else you must first change yourself.

So, what do you need to change?  … Your attitude!

You simply cannot have an attitude and keep it a secret!

If you don’t like an individual, you will not be able to work with them harmoniously or successfully.

Your attitude determines whether you are a divider or a unifier. You cannot create synergy from constant discord and fault finding.

While you may have concrete evidence that “they” are the problem, without taking the initiative to connect with them from a non-adversarial position you are in fact participating in the problem. You are either contaminating or contributing to an outcome based on what you’ve decided about any given individual or situation.

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If you want an immediate improvement, you must be willing change your attitude: fear, judgments, entitlement, prejudices and condescending labels. In doing this you change your attitudinal energy for the better and this will positively impact and heal unproductive behaviors, seeing better and faster results than you could have imagined.

Change your attitude, and you shift the resistant energy between you and another quickly and in an easy, relaxed manner. The “energy” of your attitude is – and always will be – the key factor to the success of your interpersonal experiences.


How do you get to alignment? Get really honest with yourself, “What have I really decided about this person?”

After you see how you’ve labeled them, simply decide to pull that attitude of yours back in to your own energy zone.


Suspend judgment and you literally make an energetic safe space: an Attitude Free Zone – or AFT as I like to call it – in an instant. When you do this, you are changing yourself and will powerfully and energetically influence what is happening between you and others involved in a productive direction.

To learn exactly how your attitudinal energy directly affects the energy of the people you live and work with, please watch my Energy Illustration video training.


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The season of Thanks and Giving is here …


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Thinking of You …

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 and wishing you a very light-hearted, fun-filled Halloween this year.  

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“You can’t have an attitude and keep it a secret!” -Mary Robinson Reynolds
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Change it up this year for Thanksgiving!  Here’s a new spin for all you who can never decide between pumpkin and chocolate.  Have it all.  Do both!


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Get yourself a healthy mental boost during the Holidays…

The best self care you can give yourself for ‘your holidays’ is to add either one or both of these two easy nutritional health drinks – Energy+Mind Coffee and/or FocusFusion Cocoa for non-coffee drinkers – to your daily routine. 

I love sharing other people’s health improvement experiences because they give me confidence to, at the very least, give a health product – that’s easy to enjoy – a try!  Here is one of my all time favorites.  Such a blessing …

“Within just a few months, my husband went from a struggling and average employee at work, to being number one.  Last month, he achieved his monthly quota before the first week of the month was over.

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He also recently achieved something he has never achieved in all of our marriage, and that is holding down a job for a year straight.  He’s winning all these awards at work, he’s also up for a promotion in a few months.  His co-workers are asking him, how are you doing all this?  And he just says, it’s my Energy+Mind coffee.  Do you want any?

Well, a few weeks ago, we actually ran out of the Energy+Mind for a whole week and he just completely unraveled in a week’s time.  It was bad.  Sometimes you don’t realize how much something is helping until you run out. He got back on it and went right back to his beautiful self.

If you had told me his salvation would come in a coffee, I would have LAUGHED at you.  But Energy+Mind coffee is changing our lives. It has saved our marriage.  It has given me my beautiful husband I knew was trapped in there somewhere. We have a deal now, that for the sake of the entire family, we won’t ever run low on Energy+Mind coffee every again.

It is amazing that something so simple has transformed an entire family, a marriage.  I thank God every day for bringing Energy+Mind into our lives.”
– Cherieann

A poignant reminder that the lives we touch and futures we change come in all shapes, sizes and ages.

“My son Abry does not have ADHD. I only wanted him to improve his focus and concentration, that’s why we tried this amazing European Chocolate Drink FocusFusion from the US with herbs for focus and concentration.

To my delight, I noticed his mood is balanced. Less or no tantrums (THREE DAYS IN A ROW!!). No crying about superficial things. He’s more loving and caring of his younger brother Bryle than he was previously.

He volunteers to clean his mess and toys which he rarely did before.

He was able to play a simple nursery rhyme on his toy xylophone after showing him once how to play it (this might not be very remarkable to people who does not know my son, but it is for me).

I’ve been teaching him that for a long time, though I didn’t push it much because he would always say ‘I can’t’, ‘I don’t know how’, and would throw a tantrum when he didn’t get it. The next day, he was playing the whole song.

Some people might say that this behavior is typical, but not in my house—not for Abry. I am thankful that there are healthy products that can help mothers in bringing up their happy, healthy and positive kids. smile emoticon” ~Aizh C.

Is today the day you really grab a hold of your life and own it!?

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