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This past weekend was Remembrance Sunday in the UK with November 11 being Veteran’s Day in the USA and Remembrance Day in Canada.  Because of our Veterans from all of the wars fought throughout the world and our Military protecting us still to this day, we here in the USA and Canada have been given the freedom and privilege of owning our lives.

We have been helped in countless ways by people who have dedicated themselves to service.  Today, let’s pause to honor them and pray affirmatively for peace and protection. Let’s envision them and their loved ones encompassed by love and comfort in their hearts. Because of their courage and commitment, our lives are enriched and protected in myriad ways. Thank you for your service, dedication and sacrifice.

In today’s blog I’ve posted the eloquent writings of John Wayne “Jack” Schlatter for you to take comfort in and be inspired by.  God bless our Veterans and Military.

Reaching out …

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Excerpt from Gifts by the Side of the Road, by John Wayne “Jack” Schlatter

I am proudly in the Military to be a Protector of Peace throughout the World.  It is ironic that, in the act of fighting a war for human rights, my clear intention is for peace.  I belong to a band of brothers and sisters who put the love of their country and its great traditions ahead of personal interest. To the members of my profession, nothing is so important as the lives and well being of my comrades, my family, my country … and of all humanity.

We carry heavy loads… the memories, hopes and loves of those we have left behind. It is not for a flag that we fight but for what the flag represents… a nation of people! We have dreams of building a freer and more humane world, as we are motivated by love for those who are yet to come. The memories of the sacrifices made will walk and talk in the hearts of those we leave behind.  It is my mission to be a Peace Keeper… armed with weaponry that has the potential to put an end to any inhumane and heinous act, I am also armed with candy, toys, smiles and compassion.

It is my mission to reach out daily to build bridges between people, ideas and lands. My primary goal is to bring the most important and basic fundamentals in life to the people whose country I have come to protect. I am here to provide security and to peace between people, and to cooperatively develop plans for building a greater humanity… Because of us, it is possible to bring in supplies for the war-torn, and gleams of light become more visible.

Yes, faith is still alive because of us, the soldiers, sailors, flyers, officers, administrators, chaplains, doctors and nurses. I am deeply humbled by the magnitude of what I am here to do. We are on a life’s mission to be the Heroes of Hope… the proud proclaimers of potential, the messengers of meaning, the legionaries of love…

For centuries, winning the war against any inhumanity has been the goal of every army… and yet, our victories are not complete until we have created something better to take the place of that which was once destructive and inhumane…

We fight the good fight so that people will have the freedom to discuss and joust with ideas… where all opinions are considered and the destiny of children is never out of sight… And so we stand on the horizon of a new day… Our weapons laid down and our hands clasped in a prayer… to make a reality of the Dream of PEACE ON EARTH, GOODWILL TO ALL … Amen

Excerpt from Gifts by the Side of the Road John Wayne “Jack” Schlatter


I remember the day ‘he’ was born… the baby who grew into our treasured Son. The first time I held ‘her’ in my arms, I thought “Thank you, God, for this precious present, our princess, our Daughter.”

‘He’ was my protector, my role model, my teacher, my Brother.

Thanks to ‘her’ I understood girls; she was my playmate, my friend, my Sister.

When ‘he’ walked into my life, loneliness left while joy and a true sense of purpose took its place… My Husband. Because of ‘her’ my heart grew wings of tenderness and love… My Wife.

Today, the son, the daughter, the brother, the sister, the husband, the wife, all are dedicating their lives to military service.

They put themselves in mortal danger in far-away places. 

They carry broken bodies to be healed in military hospitals.

They fly their jets protecting their comrades on the ground.  They serve on ships in waters far from our home.

They train new recruits on obstacle courses, in gymnasiums and classrooms, or work in their offices supporting and preparing to lead their troops while strengthening the doubters and the broken hearted.

We miss their affection, guidance, sense of fun and sharing… but we live in the wisdom and wonder of their teachings and unswerving love and dedication.

For we are also Warriors who fight our battles in silence and with letters, memories and prayers.

We are the families of those who serve our country in the military… while our bodies are here at home, our hearts live with them on military bases and in foreign lands.

We have inspired their sense of mission; we are the reason they serve. Our pictures and love letters are carried into conflict and looked upon with affection during the ‘silent’ times…

We are the sustainers of Humanity who give the most important part of our lives to make a better world…

We are the families who spend our lives in support and love for them as they serve, and we take comfort from the knowledge that we also serve in our quiet but dedicated ways…

We know that because of the sacrifices and dedication of our loved ones, hope, freedom and charity live… We know that ‘Our’ families are helping the world become more aware of the Family of Humanity…

LINCOLN, NEB. – 11/19/2011 – Lincoln resident Tami Nordman and her children James, Jr. and Hope are overwhelmed with emotion as they watch their husband and father Sgt. James Nordman return home with members of his unit, Company C, 2-135th General Support Aviation Battalion, at the National Guard air base in Lincoln, Neb. on Saturday morning, November 19, 2011. Ninety members of the unit arrived home to be greeted by hundreds of family members and friends after a nearly year-long mission to Iraq. (FRANCIS GARDLER / Lincoln Journal Star)

In the Spirit of this day, I think you will enjoy reading John Wayne “Jack” Schlatter’s heartfelt Tribute to the Military Family and Tribute to the Military; I Am A Protector of Peace pages 160-161 from his book, Gifts by the Side of the Road then click here to read as a FlipBook (or to purchase print book click here). Enjoy …


Musical artist John Schmidt is here to Support Our Troops and Families, who are the “Heart of America” through his words, his songs, his actions and any other ways and means he can possibly find to support them.

AMERICA MOVIEIt is his hope that you’ll join us at Heart Publishing c/o MakeADifference.com and many other military families, veterans and friends in doing the same. 

With deep appreciation for the positive difference you are making in the world, we welcome you to forward this movie to your friends, family and colleagues.

Click here to watch and be Inspired. Please take a few minutes to feel the patriotism today.

We also have Tina Stefanos, creator and song artist of “A Soldier’s Mom” writes … 


“Before my son went to Afghanistan with the Army National Guard in Ocala, Florida, I wrote a song entitled ‘A Soldiers Mom.’ If you think, as I do, that it may bring comfort to others who have loved ones serving our country, please feel free to pass it on.”

Even though we are honoring Veteran’s Day in the USA,  it’s a perfect song for any day, because a mother’s love for her son, a soldier, is an any day – every day – reality. 

With Tina’s permission, we are offering the original high-quality recording.

Grab a hanky and take a listen to the full version here. The sample here is full-length, but in highly-compressed mono sound.  The download version is in full-fidelity stereo.

 … while you are at our Music link, check out “A Teacher’s Love” also written and recorded by Tina … Click here for John Schmidt’s MP3 of “Heart of America” or full-screen Movie Download for public presentations and for personal use as a ScreenSaver, iPod and Other Players.


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