[Own Your Life] Lost Cause Colleagues?!

Dear Difference Maker,

No more lost cause little kids in big bodies in the workplace!  Did you know that you just need … 9 Weeks to achieve a ‘Make A Difference’ Year!   Seem too good to be true?

Why nine weeks?

Back at the beginning of my professional career, I started out as a teacher. I felt the first nine weeks of school set the stage for the entire year. I knew—down to my toes—that if my students’ social and emotional needs were met, they would be highly functional for the rest of the school year. Life in my classroom would be very, very good.

Later on in my career, when it came to working with adults, either in the corporate or personal settings, I told them to be laser-focused on things I wanted them to accomplish, with an end-goal of just nine weeks. It just takes nine! Any nine weeks will do. You begin when you begin.

Through teaching children, educators, and parents how to build a compassionate community, we dramatically raised emotional intelligence—EQ—and therefore performance. Fifteen years later, when I started developing professional training for major corporations, I discovered that nine weeks of working with teams developed the same kind of transformational, synergy that sustained itself.

How did I do this?

My goal was simple. In working with children, I placed the children’s social and emotional needs above my concern about making it through “X number of pages” per week.  When it came to the business model, I found the same methodology worked with adults as well.  I hope you’ll take some ideas from today’s blog and implement them right away.  Don’t over think this!

Reaching out …
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FIRST 9 Weeks: Back from Summer Vacation
Excerpt from 9-Week Team Synergy Package   


First Things First

In the corporate environment, you begin when you begin. Set a date and that’s when your nine weeks begin. Beginning in Week 1, every – and I do mean “every”—single time a social or emotional situation plays out, you will be learning how to have an open discussion—no matter how long it takes. Take it exactly as it comes. Don’t avoid, dismiss or ignore what’s in front of you to take care of, right here, right now. The payoff in nine weeks will be self-sustaining.

Start with The Fundamentals

With the pressure for team members to be productive at very high levels, you simply must deal with the emotional and social issues first. Everything after that … becomes the foundation for everything you could ever want the organizational synergy to be.

And now, I’m giving you my 9-Week ‘Make A Difference’ Team Synergy Training Manual so you can Pass-It-On.

Take it exactly as it comes. Don’t avoid, dismiss or ignore what’s in front of you to take care of right there, right then. The payoff in nine weeks will be huge.

With the pressure to be productive in today’s fast-paced, high-tech, bright-shiny-object world, you simply must help people to focus by dealing with the workplace emotional and social issues first. Everything after that becomes the foundation for everything you could ever want the work environment experience to be.


Let’s jump ahead to WEEK 2 …

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WEEK 5 of my 9-Week Make A Difference Year so you can see just how DOABLE this is!

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You can DO THIS … coaching, mentoring and teaching can be incredibly rewarding when individuals of all ages are effectively engaged and directly involved in each other’s well being.

TS101 package

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We welcome you to forward this on to those who will benefit from the simple, immediately applicable concepts it so beautifully, and peacefully illustrates.  

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