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Dear Difference Maker,

The more you understand, the more effective you can be about how you think about people and therefore treat people attitudinally with your thought energy.

Over twenty-five years ago, when I first started developing Continuing Education Programs for Portland State University I needed to find concrete, scientific information that would support what I was intending to share with educators about the importance of Attitudinal Energy as it tied into my signature ReLabeling™ System.

This is as relevant for today’s children as it is for adults who are being labeled “at-risk” because as a culture we are still very unskilled in dealing with the energies going on around us and within the situations our lives have accumulated thus far.

As a society we have grown leaps and bounds in IQ, EQ and SQ these past several decades and yet we still tend to assign blame first and then justify our often hurtful reactions toward what we have observed in another.

In my search to explain in concrete terms what I was doing differently than most, I started to dive into Quantum Mechanics.  This was an area of study I never, ever considered approaching, let alone seeking to understand as a simple farm girl from Nebraska and yet, this is where my journey took me.

I was excited to find that I would be able to share real time observational science to explain what it was that I specifically thought and then did differently which assisted 100% of my students to excel.

My students’ unprecedented success was measurable via Stanford Achievement Test results of an average of 2.5 – 3 years growth – and this was with a 55-65% at-risk population each and every year – simply by my not doing what most other teachers were doing to kids to force round pegs learners to fit in square box teaching and discipline.

I tell you this not to impress you, but to impress upon you that what you think about others really does matter as far as the results you are receiving back!

When the doors of Education were slow in opening for my Academic Success Program I revised it for the Corporate and Business Arenas where I discovered that we are all essentially little kids in big bodies.  The way I worked with students who were at-risk of being lost through the cracks was no different than working with adults who were still struggling to fit in a square box world.  Today we begin with the first puzzle piece …

Reaching out …
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Thought Affects Electrons
Excerpt from Connecting With Colors: Synergize Your Life Self-Paced Online Program 

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Nowhere is the importance of conscious choice in the shaping of outcomes better demonstrated than in the delayed-choice experiment conducted by physicist John Wheeler.

There was a new kind of technology in the 1970’s that allowed scientists to accelerate free electrons to a speed approaching the speed of light.

In it’s simplest terms, in Wheeler’s study, when they would fire the electrons at a screen with two apertures, they were amazed to find that the electrons, which were believed to be particles, would sometimes behave like waves.

Sometimes they would go through the top aperture, and sometimes go through the bottom aperture, and sometimes the electron would change into a light wave and go through both apertures and converge on the other side and become a particle again.

The scientists at first could not figure out how this happened.

Finally after extensive experimentation and deliberation, they began to recognize that what determined the way the electron would behave was the observation, perception and expectation of the experimenter.

When they looked for particles, they found them.

When they looked for waves in the same experiment, they found waves.

John Wheeler quote

What does this mean to you and me and our ability to live, love and work with others synergistically?  

It means that no matter what we think, believe or decide,
we always get to be right.

We can be right about the decisions we’ve made about other people, ourselves our belief that “certain” people are just going to always be “impossible.”  We can believe in scarcity, lack and perpetual life-long difficulty.

What do you see at first glance? Second glance?

Or, we can be “right” about collaboration with every person and every situation with wisdom, grace and ease.

We can be “right” about knowing that if we stop judging and start listening, we can find the puzzle piece that can bring things together at a higher, healthier, self-sustaining level.

What we think, what we believe, what we intend, have faith in and expect, all have energy that flows out of us and is “read” by our physical environment and the people in it!

Electrons are responding in kind to the thoughts – expectations – we hold in mind.

Therefore, setting forth an intention – expectation – to be understanding, peaceful, harmonious in the convergence of two or more minds toward an objective or goal is an extremely influential force for setting energy in motion to bring your dreams, wants, desires into form.

Connection, Understanding, Compassion and Suspending Judgment 
turns “Me” into “We” which equals SYNERGY.

What we’ve discovered from atomic physics, the scientist cannot play the role of a detached objective observer, but becomes involved in the world he observes to the extent that he influences the properties of the observed objects.

Because of John Wheeler’s, delayed-choice experiment, he sees this involvement of the observer as the most important feature of quantum theory, and he has therefore suggested replacing the word “observer” by the word “participator.”

3 step dance

A Simple 3-Step Dance
You can change the energy of a situation in 30 seconds or less by mentally thinking your through my 3-Step Dance starting with saying to yourself …

Step 1:  Oh!  Look at what I just participated in!  That’s right.  If you are directly involved you have somehow participated with your thoughts, opinions and expectations.  It can be as big as “Oh no you didn’t!” or as infinitesimal as an underlying bias.

Step 2:  NO JUDGMENT.  In fact, suspend ALL judgment for this moment because it’s not going to help you or any one else.  It is DE-energizing for your physiology and inflammatory for others.

Step 3:  How do you prefer that it be? Use your words and just say what you prefer without any tone.  What is it that you really want in your heart of hearts without an attachment to the outcome?

All judgment does is position you for backlash and being the victim. If you want your life to change you are must be willing to perceive things from a higher perspective.

In my work with tens of thousands of people over the past four decades what I see most predominant in discourse is that people just do not know how to speak to what they really want, let alone what is at the heart of what’s troubling them.

We tend to come “at” people with our disappointments instead of using our words to describe how we’d prefer that something would be instead (without an attitude).

The secondary issue in learning how to speak to our preferences can be below the surface resentments that have built demoralizing expectations all of which have a tone to them that most likely will be counterproductive. For starters simply keep this in mind …

judge 2

Is today the day you really grab a hold of your life and own it!?


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